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60 Day Challenge-Day 14

Hey guys,

It’s day fourteen of our challenge and it’s been a long one.  I gotta start off by saying I didn’t get a chance to get into too much today.  I did a little blog hopping, but that’s about it.  I got off work today and shortly thereafter I had a meeting at church that last for quite a while.  I’m just getting home and wanted to make sure I at least posted what’s happening in my world today.

I can say that I’m preparing myself to do a newbie video series focusing on online marketing.  It will be about a seven day video ecourse that I believe will help the little guys on what exactly they would need to have in order to be an established marketer online.   I know that I have a small challenge going on covering some of the items, but this will be a little more informative and educational.  I actually did one of these before, but my focus was kinda in a different area.

This time it will be specific to online marketing and will be totally based on my experience.  I’ve had the chance to research some additional equipment that will help me present the information a little better, mainly in audio arena.  I’ve had a high definition video camera for a while, but I didn’t necessarily care for the onboard mic and the sound it presented.  So, I went for a more high quality audio capturing device for my videos.

I’m not sure when they will be ready, but they of course will be free to all of those that are interested in learning something from them.  Will they be perfect?  Probably not, but it will be my take on the online marketing world.

The only thing that I can report today as far as the challenge is that I have started posted on a totally new forum which to my surprise I had been a member of a long time ago, but for some reason hadn’t posted in a while there.  It’s a much better environment than the Warrior Forum and I’m looking forward to reporting back exactly what’s going on over there.

Well, I gotta get to bed as it’s kinda late here and I’ve got a pretty busy day on tomorrow.  Til next time, take care.


Jerry Handy Sr.

Jerry Handy

Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

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