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About Jerry

Where It All Begin….

I’m just what you would call an average guy with an above average desire for complete and total balance in my life. I was born seven of eight children having four brothers and three sisters. It was at the beginning of the winter season in the nineteen sixty four on a very nice Christmas morning. I guess my mom got the best gift of her life…just kidding, but really it had to be a good Christmas. Fast forward a few years and that’s when life really begin. You know getting out of high school and having to get a job. I have always been the type of person that is not afraid of work, even hard work. I had established a strong work ethic when I was much younger. As I mentioned, my mom had eight of us and food, clothing, and shelter was no easy task for her. I’m proud of my mom, (she’s gone to be with the Lord), but it was rough. We didn’t have the best of what life had to offer to us being that she had to apply for government assistance when we were young. I remember when she cleaned houses, plucked chickens, and scraped together money from where ever she could to provide for her children. That’s what a real mother would do and that’s where I believe I got my working habits from. I know some of you may be asking, well where was the father while all of this was going on. To be totally honest with you, I never really even knew my father as a young man or for that matter as a young adult. We moved from Louisiana, which is where I was born when I was about five years old and never really had much interaction with him. I believe he was a good man, but the Father-Son stuff never crossed my path.

And then there’s working….

I began my working career when I was a teenager during the summer breaks through a work program for kids. That lasted about two years until I got a full time job at sixteen when I was a sophomore in high school. I made excellent grades and was still able to hold down that job during the evening time. I would study and do some of my homework when I had breaks on my job. I look back now and wonder how so many things happened for me, but i still attribute it to determination and desire along with the ability to focus.

Growing Up For Real

My father did his part by paying child support monthly, but I never really used it personally for me. I was now working and making my own money, so I told my mom she could keep my portion since it had already been kinda rough for her as it was. I wanted to be self sufficient as soon as possible to remove some of the burdens she had been carrying. And that I did. I moved out shortly thereafter with a couple of friends of mine just twelve miles north, to a neighboring city. I was still in school and by that time had bought my first car. Wow, I was really moving fast. You know how us young fellows were when we were young. We thought we knew what life was all about now that we had our own house, car, job, and paying our own bills.

And Then Comes My Family

But now, things are much more different for me now. As you can see above I have a lovely family. My wife Shelia of 15 years along with my beautiful kids. The kids are pretty much grown now with the exception of my baby daughter. She’s about thirteen now and has a few more years in school before she’s off to college. I now have three grand kids whose pictures I’ll get up on my site soon so that you can see them as well. We live very normal lives from day to day and do our best to have a positive impact in the world. We attend a small church in our local town called Harvest Family Worship Center of East Texas and have been for the last twenty years. I serve as an associate minister there as well and have my passion in teaching the adult as well as students how to tap into the essence of who they truly are in Christ. There’s nothing like empowerment and that why I feel that what I do in my personal business ties so well with my calling to educate others.

Entrepreneurial Education

I got my first taste of business in the early eighties through a very well know network marketing company that’s still in existence today. I was hooked from the first time I was exposed to it. It made so much sense. The thought of doing something once and continue to get paid over and over was very appealing to me and my mindset has not been able to revert back to the old way of thinking. I struggled during my beginning years, because as I’ve come to learn, was not doing it correctly. I was just going after the wrong people who just didn’t have a clue that they were even entrepreneurs. I missed the market. Plain and simple. As time went on, I was fortunate enough to come across some very well educated and skillful marketers who were able to teach, coach, mentor,and train me on how it’s really done in this industry. For that I’m eternally grateful. Now that I’ve had “The Impartation”, I’m excited about the differences I can make in the lives of so many people who were just like me. Knowing that there is a better life “out there”, but not knowing how to achieve it. Well, I believe that we can assist you with making it happen if you’re not afraid of a little work. Pay close attention to this blog and the information that will be shared over the coming days, months, as well as years, and I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’ll be changed for ever.

All the Best,

Jerry Handy Sr.

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