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It’s almost over

Wow, it's upon us.  We're about two weeks from ending the year 2013 and just what have we accomplished?  That is the million dollar question or should I say the $1 question.  You see, I guess I gotta take into consideration the thousands of marketers that started out this year in hopes of making their first dollar online and haven't.

I feel you guys.  I've been there.  It wasn't too long ago before I started to realize some real profits in my online venture.  As I have mentioned before, it was years my friends, before I had an opportunity to even share a testimonial of any type of success.


I mean, seriously, product after product and course after course and still nothing.  Not until I made my mind up to actually learn a little more about internet marketing.  It was actually me stumbling upon someone who  knew what they were doing and had a heart to share with me exactly how they did it.

Now honestly, I wasn't really looking for a mentor of any sort, but just a way for me to do this stuff by myself and lo and behold, they just appeared.  It was actually this year of 2013 when it finally started making better sense to me.  I thought for quite a while it was all about me having a blog and by some magical way, I would get a lot of traffic out of the blue. 

Not only would I get the traffic, but they would just buy the affiliate offers I had on my blog.  Not!  That's not the way it was going to happen.  I didn't realize that it was about giving and sharing something that would really help others.  I finally figured out that it wasn't about ME.  It was about that struggling business owner out there that was looking for some type of guidance in their business.

All I needed to do was find out where they were struggling and find a solution for them.  Some would say, well Jerry how are you going to help them and you don't have what you need?  Good question and for quite some time I struggled with that.  I mean, I didn't believe that I had anything to offer them let alone myself.

That was the BIG hurdle that I had to get over this year.  I had to come to the realization that in this internet marketing stuff, there are thousands of newbie marketers just getting started online and may be a few stages behind me and what I've learned, they've yet to acquire that knowledge.  That my friend puts me in a better position to mentor them on what it is that I've learned. 

I actually had to realize that I had EXPERT knowledge in an area or areas that they didn't.  Wow!  Talking about a light bulb moment.  That was it.  That woke me up big time and gave me a fresh wind and energy to pursue my passion even stronger. 

Because of that, this year has been the turn around year for me.  It has launched me into something that at the beginning of the year I never thought I would be at.  But I'm here.  I'm raring and ready to take things to another level in my business.  As you can see on this site, I've already started my very own membership site teaching the very things that I've learned and applied that has brought results in my life. 

It is the beginning of something big for me.  It is a compilation of months and months of study, trial and error as well as successes that I have experienced this year and beyond.  My desire for it is that it will grow into a premium site in the year 2014.  The plan is to have more dynamic content within the site that will take entrepreneurs and their businesses to a whole new level just as mine has. 

​Here on the blog, you get a little bit of what I'm doing in my business along with some results that I've gotten whether it's tracking traffic or financial accomplishments.  But within the membership site, I will be sharing actual sources, campaigns ran, advertising swipe files, capture pages used, profits made or lost, etc.  Basically it will be total transparency in my business and how it's doing good or bad from a month to month basis.  It will be a set up that will give my members a road map to follow and a short cut to saving huge ad dollars in their marketing efforts.

​In actuality, they won't be wasting their money trying to figure out what works.  I will be using my own advertising budget to test the waters so to speak and bring them the results I've gotten and they can duplicate them if they so choose to. 

Those are some of my plans going into the new year which as I mentioned is just around the corner.  I will share more in depth goals  in the coming days just to serve as an accountability factor for me.  It makes a huge difference when you keep yourself accountable to your online marketing friends and family.  Also, I have something cooking behind the scenes that I will reveal shortly here as well.  I'm excited about it and looking forward to letting the cat out of the bag real soon. 

So get yourself together and let's rock and roll in the upcoming year.  It will be an exciting time for those who prepare for it. As the saying goes, "If you FAIL to PLAN, you PLAN to FAIL".  Get it together my friends and see what the new year brings all of us.

What are your plans and goals for the new year?  Let's us know below in the comment section if you will.  I would love to hear them. 

Until then, take care and we'll speak soon.


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