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Amazing Results in the Initial Launch

It's been an eventful week thus far.  Well, should I say over the last few days as we have just launched our latest front end product.  It's called the Big Commission Blueprint by Dean Holland.

It's a product that's been in the works for quite some time and something that has pretty much evolved from his own experiences since the early part of 2008 and beyond.

But wait.  Let me back up for a second because some of you guys may be new to my blog and don't really know who Dean is.  I'll share more on our amazing results in a second.

Who is this Dean guy and why should I give a crap about him?

It's a long story behind it, but I'll dumb it down for the sake of time.  Dean's a young man that got started on the internet quite a few years ago.  Actually around 2004.  He was like any other person with a strong desire to do something with his life.  He wanted to live a better life and not have to be tied down to a regular j.o.b. like so many do.


It wasn't easy starting out as he dove into many different products and courses trying to find the magic bullet.  But, with no luck at all.  He's documented this on a number of occassions the amount of debt that he accumulated trying so many things.  It was around 60k!  Yep, Sixty Thousand Dollars.  Dude that's a lot of cabbage by anyone's standards.

Moving forward......

Fast forward a couple of years to 2009 and that's when he sorta got a little break.  He ran into a gentleman that would be the difference maker for his life and financial future who would later go on to be his mentor.  Mr. Jeffrey took Dean under his wings as his first student and taught him the ins and outs of having a successful online business.

Unlike so many others, he actually listened and he listened so well, he went on to create his very own information products himself and the road to success began.  It wasn't easy for him as he made multiple mistakes even after his initial successes.  But, he learned a rather important lesson through it all. 

Dean went on to teach so many others the things that he's learned throughout the years and created yet more success stories.  So much so to the point that he was able to take green newbies who were just getting their feet wet on the internet and turning them into thriving business owners within a few months.  All because they listened and took his advise. 

Well Jerry, where did you come into the picture?

So you may be asking how did you happen to run into him?  Good question.  I actually invested in Alex's product called Marketing with Alex and during my study of the materials, I heard about Dean.  He spoke so highly of his successes and how he went from a struggling newbie to making over 600k just from one website. 

Well, that kinda got my attention, so I wanted to follow what he had done to get there.  So like any other smart marketer would do, I joined his mailing list to keep an eye on him.  Yep, it's true.  But what I didn't know is that one day, he would send an email to me that got me on one of his webinars and shared some of the most powerful and impactful information that I had ever heard.

And as they say.....the rest is history. 

We became online business partners

I'm aboard and haven't looked back yet.  You see it has made the difference for me in my online marketing career.  With this move in my life, it has been responsible for creating multiple four figure pay days for me.  More money than I have ever made online.  PERIOD!

Because of that, I've chosen to continue to partner with Dean and share some of the most life changing and business changing products with those who just want a chance at really making a difference in their lives.

So, over the last few months, Dean has been behind the scenes whooping up another killer product that is revolutionary from a business standpoint.  I mean he goes into sharing his exact business model and how he has made his living over the last few years on the internet.   No holds barred.  Everything is laid out in this product in a step by step approach. 

It was designed to really share what some of the "Gurus" absolutely don't want you to know because if you did, their bank accounts would dry up.....FAST!  He really shares from the heart and the way I see it, he hasn't forgotten just long ago, he was right where some of us are.

Some may say, well Jerry you're just a little partial to the program and that's why you say what you say.  Honestly, I've been online for about 3 years now and I can spot a fake when I see one.  I know when someone really cares about their customers, or students, or for that matter even their subscribers.  All you have to do to prove me wrong is to get on one of his webinars and you'll see the type of content that he shares. 

and it's FREE!

Now in full disclosure, there may be an occasional offer to join him in business by way of a personal invitation, but that's totally optional. In other words, fill out a free application to see if this program is a fit for you. No credit card is necessary for that.

If you find that it's not your cup of tea.....no hard feelings. 

Where are those results you were talking about Jerry?

Right....that's true.  I did tell you that I would share those with you.  First off, you don't normally get results like these for sure.  I am really in awe as to how well this product converted right off the table. 

Remember when I shared last week that the name of the game is conversions?  You can have the best products and most amazing targeted traffic, BUT unless it converts, what's the point?  There is none and that's why I believe the time was taken to ensure that the conversions would be the focus.

Just what where they?  Below you'll see the actual traffic-lead-conversions and you tell me if they are good numbers in the early going.  Well, not just good, but great numbers on the front end offer of course.

Speaking of conversions....

Absolute Best Conversions Ever!

Ad 1

500 clicks

160 opt ins

5 Sales

3.125% L/S

Ad 2

300 Clicks

133 opt ins

6 Sales

4.51% L/S

Ad 3

300 Clicks

132 opt ins

6 Sales

4.54% L/S

That's what you call stellar results.  Understand something here real quick.  The typical conversion rates for "cold traffic" is right around 1-2% as an industry standard, so these are not anything to sneeze at.

To say I'm ecstatic is an understatement.  I'm stoked guys!  Just think that these will get better with follow up on the back end and I'm sure more will come through. 

Also understand that there are more ads running currently that are producing sales as well, but I can't document them here until the ad is completed.  Its kinda fun seeing these kind of numbers come through for sure.  This just goes to show you that when you have a winning product and a team of guys that care about your success, you can't go wrong.  All you have to do is your part and that's of course drive the traffic to the system.

Do these results look familiar to you?  Are you able to accomplish similar numbers with your products or services?  If you are, I would definitely love to hear your story.  Let me know below your thoughts and how you're accomplishing it. 

It's always good to learn a thing or two from other marketers.  Remember, iron sharpens iron.  Tighten me up a bit. 

Take care,


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