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Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.


7 List Building Tips That Will Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business Faster

List Building is an art in an of itself and it's not as cut and dried as some would make it out to be.

How do we know that? 

Let's look at it from this angle for a brief second. 

I'm going to share with you seven list building tips that will help you in your business in the coming weeks, months, and even years.

You're into affiliate marketing in the online space and one of the biggest things that most of the gurus teach you is "to build a list".

Building a list can and will be an asset for you for years to come.  It will be the glue that keeps your business together and prevent you from going down the same path that most failed businesses have went because they did not employ this technique.

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What Does Having Great Content Mean and Why Should It Concern You?

Exactly what does content mean and why on earth should it concern me?  That's a very good question and one in which we will attempt to explain in great detail for you

Good Content


Bad Content

If you're a website or blog owner you've probably started it with a purpose and intent in mind.  It could have been that you had a passion to help others.

You may had the vision of teaching people various life skills or educating them about something that you're deeply engaged in like photography or writing.

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