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Big Plans for 2014

​Hello Mr or Mrs. Entrepreneur.  It's awesome to see you guys here again today.  I'm a little besides myself as I see this great year come to a close.  It's been fun to see how things panned out for me as a marketer as well as an entrepreneur.  I've learned a huge amount this year and looking forward to learning more for sure.

It's here now and we've got to face it head on.  No more excuses.  You gotta do what is necessary to accomplish your individual goals as well as your business goals.  Is your goal to make enough within your business to send your kids to college or for you to buy that new home?

Well, if it's not yours, it's definitely mine.  That's right.  I'm looking forward to being able to create enough income in my business in order to accomplish that this year of 2014.  My baby daughter graduates in May and has plans to pursue a higher education.  For me, as a father, I feel that I have the responsibility to help her accomplish that.  So, that's plan number one.


Secondly, my wife and I have been patiently waiting for the day in which we are able to move into our new home.  I'm not talking the "dream home", but a much larger space to handle our growing family.  Yes, my baby daughter is the last one, but on the other hand, we have our five grand kids that come to visit from time to time.

On top of the grands, we still have our grown kids that come and visit us as well.  When that happens, there is very little room to accommodate everyone, so a much larger home is on the docket.

So, what's the plan to accomplish it?

In 2013, I had a pretty successful year by anyone's standards.  I generated over $5,000 in revenue.  That's not just sales, but what was actually transferred into my bank account.  This year has by far been the most awesome year in my online marketing career.

Now that was great, but bigger and better things can be accomplished.  That's just a tip of what can be accomplished and I'm about to turn up the intensity just a little.  In order to do that, obviously the first thing lay out my plan.  But, before I do that, do you guys remember what I spelled out in a previous post on how the whole "making money online" game works?

Remember, the formula was to have an awesome offer whether it was a product or service.  Then once you've got the offer in tact, next you needed to drive "targeted" traffic to it.  Now, that's when the magic happens because you need to be able to convert that traffic into sales.

Is Traffic Really That Important?

Speaking of traffic, let's just re-visit how my traffic stats actually panned out in 2013.  See the screen shot below:

Traffic Stats for 2013

Actual stats from jerryhandy.com

As you can see, I started out this year with under 500 unique visitors in January and was making steady progress throughout December.  If you followed me around February, you know that it was a goal of mine to get to the 1,000 visitors per month.  I didn't really focus on this now that I think about it, but as you can see it was done starting in May.  Not bad in my opinion.  Once you start getting the traffic, then you have the potential to help a lot of people with your content.

If what you share is beneficial and helpful to the reader, you may have an opportunity to share a resource that can add more value to their lives or business.  It's always a win -win for all parties involved and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Now that I've accomplished over 13,855 visitors this year, my goal is to double that for the year 2014.  So instead of 1,000 uniques a month, I've gotta bump that up to 2,000 a month which should put me at 24k for the year. 

So now that we have a significant amount of traffic, where is the next step in that equation?  Sales or conversions.  That means that you are starting to make money with your blog or website.  Now, in full disclosure, all of the sales that I've made didn't come from this site, but the majority of them actually did.  I was somewhat surprised when I dug into the numbers a little and found out that that was the case.  Some of my traffic that converted to sales came from Solo Ads.  That's been one of the largest sources of traffic outside of the organic traffic. 

How did the finances flow for me? ​

So, to shed some light on the actual numbers, please see the graphic below.  ​

Actual Sales in 2013

I actually started making significant income in July of this year.  So this is not really reflective of the entire 2013 campaign.  Some of the commissions are not shown here as this is only a representative of one of my programs.  There are other smaller commissions that are not included in these figures.

Not bad right?  It was a start of something great for me as I really figured out a little more about online marketing and what pieces of the puzzle you really need to have.  I have bigger plans for generating additional income by bringing on additional sources.  I've already mentioned that my iStartup Membership Site will be one source, but there are plans for an additional source coming really soon.  I don't want to spill the beans just yet, because it's a work in progress. 

When the timing is right, you'll be one of the first to know about it.  I'm excited and can't wait.  Well, I guess I can, because if you know me, I like things to be right.  So, as far as my income goals are concerned, if I was able to generate over 5k in 2013, it stands to reason that I should at least double that right?  Makes sense to me.  But, I believe we can do better than that, so I'm going to shoot for $50k in 2014. 

I'm shooting for $50k....

That's 10x what I was able to generate in 2013, so I've got my work cut out for me.  Is it possible?  Absolutely.  All it takes is action and not just any kind of action, but consistent action.  We have an opportunity this year to change a lot of lives and bring so much value to them in the process.  Teaching, training, coaching, mentoring, and educating others to be their best in business.  That's my goal whether it's with my very own training program via iStartup or through other quality products that have been responsible for creating so many success stories online especially for newbie marketers. 

So wish us well and please do hold us accountable going forward.  I need my feet to be kept to the fire so that what I hope for will become a reality.  To be honest, I know it's a lofty goal and I'm kind of nervous about accomplishing it, but hey, I'm an action taker and if anybody can do it, I believe I can. 

Thanks and please do share with us what some of your goals are for the upcoming year in the comment section below.  Maybe we can hold each other accountable. 

Talk soon,

Jerry Handy Sr.

Jerry Handy Sr

I am the sole author of the content of this site and it is totally designed to help other entrepreneurs in their respective businesses. Any of my results or lack thereof are completely my experiences and may not be typical.

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