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What traffic is best for my blog?

blog trafficHave you ever wondered what it takes to get your blog seen?  I know it sounds like a silly question, but it’s something that needs to be know from the start.  You see, your focus shouldn’t be traffic just for the sake of traffic, especially if it’s the not the traffic that your blog is designed to attract.  Let me explain.

If you are a dog trainer and you have produced one of the top videos for teaching a dog to learn basic obedience (sit, down, stay, come, etc.), then you by all means don’t want TRAFFIC that is looking for weight loss.  You get my drift?  Some marketers can brag about how much traffic they get to their site on a monthly basis, but fail to actually see where the traffic is coming from, and whether or not it’s looking for their offer or information.

You may be asking how do I know this.  Simple.  In your blog admin area, one small indicator of TRASH TRAFFIC is the amount of spam comments you get.  If you’ve got, in some cases, hundreds of random comments in your comment spam folder, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Most of the time, this is some type of bot software that some marketers have chosen to use to generate “automated comments” on niche blog sites in order to produce back links (more on that at a later time) in order to raise their rankings in the search engines.

So how do you get the right kind of traffic?  Well, there are a number of ways to do that.  One way is to do a search on google for your specific niche and find the places where those people hang out at.  The most commonly known hangout is forums.  Forums that deal with, let’s just say your niche is weight loss.  Well, you find weight loss forums, register as a member.  The majority of the time it’s free to register.

I must warn you that if you want respect while you’re in these forums, give respect.  Don’t come into the group to take from it, but the opposite.  Come in to give your knowledge, wisdom, and/or experiences that can help the group in general.  If you come in blasting your website links and offers, your motives will be quickly known and you will lose your credibility in that forum.

Well how does this relate to getting traffic?  Simple.  In your profile area, you are given an opportunity to put a short bio of yourself, a link to your website and also in most cases a “signature line”.  That signature line normally shows up at the bottom of the post that you make that can be made clickable.  If you offer valuable advice to the personal posing the question or to the entire group, there is a slight possibility that they will want to learn more from you.  When that happens, they will normally click on the link in your signature and pay a visit to your website.

Now that traffic is for sure TARGETED traffic in your niche.  There is no second guessing whether or not these people are looking for in your case “weight loss” products or information.  To increase the traffic, just find more niche sites in your market and just do the same.  The key to standing out in these forums is to be consistent.  You need to visit regular and allow your face be seen offering valuable advice and before long, the group will view you as an expert in your field and by default, begin to hunt you down.  That’s how you’ll get the best traffic to your blog on a consistent daily basis.

One final note of interest.  If you do have a blog up online by all means figure out a way to have analytics installed on your site either by yourself or someone who is knowledgeable of how to install this code.  Once that is installed, it will give you insight as to where the highest amounts of traffic to your site is coming from.  When you know this, that will give you pinpoint accuracy as to where you need to spend the majority of your time.


How to Set Up a New Blog on Your Domain…

Ok guys, here is a quick video showing you exactly how to set up your own blog on your personal domain or a domain of your choice.  Hopefully you guys that need assistance will appreciate it.  Please leave your comments or feedback.  I really appreciate it.


First Goal…..One thousand visitors in 30 days?

Well, as I said guys, I want to be accountable to you as well as myself.  So here it goes.  Today I will post my goals for the next 30 days.  That’s starting here on January 22.  By this time next month I want to have generated at least 1000 visitors to this site.  You see the name of the game is traffic and if you don’t get traffic to your blog, you want be able to move on to the next step of trying to monetize it.

Quick Note:  Traffic-Conversion-Sales.  It’s just the way it is.

But in the beginning, you don’t want to focus so much on trying to monetize your blog.  Just get the traffic.  Once you get that going, you can then start implementing little things like affiliate links to help your reader with some tools they may need.  But this is not important in the beginning.

Ok.  Back to my goal.  In order for me to verify this goal, I will post a screen shot of my Google Analytics to show whether or not I made it happen.  Yeah, yeah I hear you thinking how do we know you didn’t already have that traffic?  Good one.  I didn’t think about it either until just now, so to give myself a launching point, let me jump over to google and grab a screen shot of my analytics as of today and we’ll take it from there.  Fair enough?


Click the image to see the actual number where I started.  At the top left you will see that it is from this site ( and the top right you will see that it is from one month ago til yesterday.  Remember I start today, the 22nd of January.

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 6.20.22 PM

So, let me get to work and will see the results in 30 days.  Come back and check on me.  Keep me moving in the right direction.  Thanks and post a quick comment or feedback below.  Bye for now.

To your success,

Jerry Handy Sr.

It took a real paradigm shift for me.

Guys, this really helped me out a lot when understanding how to be a leader and running a business on the internet.  This might be the video that will give you a new paradigm shift.  Please leave your comments or feedback below this video.


Uh oh….My first obstacle.


Ok.  Here it goes.  I started putting my thoughts together on how I needed to move forward in my new FRESH business.  One of the biggest things my mentor told me to do was to have a blog.  Well, that’s a no brainer.  I already have that, but I didn’t have something very important installed on it.  It wasn’t the usual spam blocking stuff or seo pressor for making sure your articles are up to snuff for the search engines.  It was something as simple as Google Analytics.  I mean really?  All you need to do is get this simple little plugin called Google Analytics for WordPress, follow a couple of steps and put the site ID in place and WALAH!  You got it.

Sounds simple, but it wasn’t.  I fought this thing for hours to no avail.  I mean I spent at least a couple of days trying this and that and I finally gave in.  I had to actually hire a guy from just last night to take a look at it for me.  More on outsourcing at a later date.  But at the end of the day, it was about 10:30 p.m. last night when I jumped on the site and placed my job and within minutes, I had several people bidding on the job to complete it.  A long story short, I opted to go with a guy in the United Staes, nothing against other countries, but he actually bid the best price and was in the timeframe of getting it done pretty quickly.

I had some telling me that it was simple and they could get it done pretty quick.  Haha!  I know it’s simple, but it wasn’t.  I know how to put code in your header or footer page, but it wasn’t that.  It was more than that.  So anyway, he jumped on the job when I accepted the terms of 1 day completion and $20 for the work and we’re off to the races.

Well, an hour passed and still not working.  Two hours and still no tracking.  By the time 1:oo a.m. rolled around, I said I better get to bed and that I did.  I woke up this morning to an email saying he needed access to my FTP (web hosting server) so that he could do some stuff in there.  So I shot over the details to him.  Within an hour or so this morning, to my surprise, he had it working properly.  My was I glad.  I knew that this was one of the steps in the process that I had to get going so that I can tell where my traffic is coming from on my site.  My mentor told me that you can’t know who to target your energy on (to build traffic) if you don’t know where they are coming from.  So first hurdle…….let’s just say.  Whooped!

For some it may be simple, but for me it just didn’t didn’t happen.  I really wanted to tackle that one myself, but I’ve also been taught that some things you just don’t want to waste your time on, but to focus on the most important aspects of my business and that’s MARKETING and Driving Traffic.  Some of these technical issues can be outsourced or done by others.  I tend to agree.

Thanks for the read and please leave your comments or feedback.  They are much appreciated.


Jerry Handy Sr.

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