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Agel Review-Are you really thinking of joining?

Agel Review-Are you really thinking of joining?

agelIf you are seriously thinking of joining Agel, take a good look at this unbiased review.  It will be one of most eye opening pieces of information that you’ve ever seen.  It’s not coming from the perspective of someone who has a vested interest in Agel, because we are not a part of the company itself.

What is Agel and how can you benefit from it?

Agel is a network marketing company strategically positioned in the nutritional industry.  They have list of products are of the utmost quality and very effective in their various applications according to many that have consumed them.  Agel prides itself on coming up with some of the most innovative and breakthrough products to date in comparison to other companies within their industry.

It’s not hard to see that Agel has one goal in mind and that is to ensure that every customer and or associate has the best experience with their products as is possible.  Not only the best experience, but also the best opportunity at accomplishing your individual goals.  Whether it’s to increase your financial position or to improve your health, Agel is there to assist you with it.

Is Agel really right for me?

Agel is a young  company which is a good thing simply because it’s a ground floor opportunity for those who can seize this moment in time..  Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, they’ve expanded their reach in over ten countries just in it’s first few days of launching the company.  That’s huge simply because it doesn’t limit your efforts to the local market but puts you in a position to grow your Agel business worldwide.

The world is ready for such a company due to it’s innovation and diversity in products.  These are not some fly by night products, but those that really help the end user.  Some companies front load a bunch of junk and push the representative to dump it onto the consumer all in the name of a quick dollar, but Agel has chosen to take a different approach.

What about Agel’s leadership team?

That’s one of the reason why they put together a dynamic leadership team which consist of some of the brightest minds in the industry.  It’s goal was to ensure the sustainability and also it’s viability for years to come.  So if you’re considering joining Agel, your future is in good hands.  The only thing left for you to do is to find someone that is credible and has the necessary skill sets to teach you the ropes in an expeditious fashion.agel

All marketers inside Agel are not created equal.  Some have extensive backgrounds in the network marketing industry and have developed their skill sets in a tremendous way and thus afforded them the chance to be at the top.  That sometimes can be an indicator of what they can assist you with, but not necessarily always the case.  Some people are just good salesman, but don’t have  a clue on how to teach what it is that they do.

Agel has a very respectable  marketing system in place as their primary goal is to utilize technology.  When you have a company that has the forethought as well as the foreknowledge to equip itself for the 21st century, that’s saying something.  Vision is the key to long term viability with any company and Agel is not lacking in that area.

Agel’s Training System second to none?

Agel is a great company, but like any other, it can have it’s flaws as well.  Although they may have a great traditional training system in place for it’s associates, that may hinder them in the long haul.  The problem is that you can have the best technology and that’s all good, but the people are what make or breaks a company.  They have to be trained properly and not with old and antiquated techniques like most network marketing companies are still utilizing.agel

This is a a new day and a new era and it requires different strategies to be employed if the average person truly want to make it in this industry.  The days of chasing your personal inner circle are long gone and bigger, better , faster techniques are surfacing.  If you’re not capitalizing on these in your Agel business, you will be left behind for sure.

Agel in conclusion….

agelIf you are reviewing this company and thinking seriously about joining, I would highly recommend that you take some time to view this link.  It will give you that head start on learning what the so called GURUS in the industry have been doing for years and all along you’ve been in the dark.  The bottom line is that it’s not rocket science when it comes to this stuff, it’s getting the right knowledge so that you can do it yourself.




Yours in Mastery,

Jerry Handy Sr.

Is Empower Network for Real?

Empower Network is a company that’s been around for a few months now.  They started doing business in the fall of 2011 with a vision of helping as many little guys as they possibly could.  It wasn’t a smooth start to say the least with so many technical challenges, merchant account issues and so forth, but as of today, they’re still here.  Empower Network‘s leaders had a vision of making sure that the so called GURUS of the network marketing or homebased business industry wasn’t siphoning all of the profits off the backs of the newbies.

Is Empower Network Just Right for a Newbie?

empower networkThat’s a valid question and the most down right honest answer is that it’s perfect for newbies.  If you’ve ever attempted to come online you understand the technical challenges of bringing something as simple as a blog online.  Let along putting together capture pages, sales funnels, and having a back end system autoresponder to follow up with them.

Did the Empower Network solve the little guys problem?

The Empower Network has solved that problem for you and all that’s left for you to do is go to work.  If you’re a blogger, well this is a dream of yours.  Simply because the Empower Network has established itself as an authority site in the eyes of the major search engines.  That will ensure that what you write will be read because your material will have a greater chance of being ranked over other peoples content that are not so privileged.  Consider yourself fortunate.

On top of that, because of the way the Empower Network site is structured, there is a huge possibility that you can even make some extra money doing what you love.  If you love helping people through your content or just connecting with them, Empower Network is a perfect platform for you.  There are beginners who have never ever made a dime online and now in a matter of days, they’ve made their first sales.  Well in all actuality, they’re not making the sale, Dave Wood (the co-founder) of Empower Network is doing all of the selling and telling for you.

The Empower Network was set up because most newbies just don’t know how to put together a good sales funnel.  When it comes to persuasive techniques and sales lingo, they are completely lost.  If you’re like me, most people don’t like to be sold, but this guy just has his way of selling unlike anyone I’ve ever witnessed and he could be selling for you.  Talk about an unfair advantage.

It’s an unfair and it’s just right for someone just getting their start online in addition to those who’ve been online for quite some time, but haven’t created the success that they desire.  The Empower Network can be the solution for you if you’re not afraid of a little work.  You may not be able to make 10k dollars in your first month, but if you stick it out and do as you’re told (don’t re-invent the wheel), you can do big things in the Empower Network.

So is Empower Network for Real and what can it really do for me?

The jury is back and has reached it’s verdict.  It IS for real.  There are countless stories being told on a daily basis about how the little guys without the huge marketing list are starting to create success with this company.  One of the primary reasons why that’s the case is that they are following a simple three step process.  All you need to do is:

empower networkBlog Daily

empower networkTell Others

empower networkGet Money

It’s just that simple.  If you do that on a daily basis, you are well on your way to massive success in your business.  The Empower Network has put together a fascinating sales process that ranks at the top of some of the best marketers out there in our time.  They understand the condition of the economy on a massive scale and have brought something to the market that any one that has a desire to start a business can without hesitation.  I mean for a mere cost of a couple of pizzas, you’re in and ready to send traffic to your site on day one.empower network

So get your research done on the Empower Network if you need to, but just GET IN for goodness sake.  It’s only $25 bucks.

If you’re the type of person that is sick and tired of the so called GURUS making all of the money, click this link or put your details in the box to the right of this post and let’s get started.  You don’t have to be great to start in Empower Network, BUT you have to start to be great.

Talk soon,


Jerry Handy Sr.




Empower Network_Personal View

empower networkHello and welcome to my site. This is day one of my journey with the Empower Network. I’m looking forward to an exciting ride and helping a lot of people reach their own personal business goals. It won’t be easy as we all know if it’s a long lasting business venture, then it doesn’t happen instantly or in your own timing.

It’s gonna be fun due to the fact that we have an very nice system in place and it’s something that I believe the little guys can get their arms around and be successful with. That’s only if they have that “don’t quit” attitude. One of the biggest hurdles that I believe that so many have had has been the lack of ability to “convert” those who visit your business sites into sales. As we all know quite so well, that’s the name of the game.

If you’re not serving your potential customers exactly what it is that they want, you’re in for a long ride. So buckle up and let’s ride! This horse is going to take us a long way.

I say long ride because whether you know it or not, the internet is here to say and is not going anywhere anytime soon. So while it’s here, if you are an entrepreneur at heart, this is the place to spread your wings and fly. It’s the new “industry” of the 21st century and it is where the fortunes are to be made.

The Empower Network has in my opinion come along at the right time and will position those who are “ready” for online success to attain it. It’s not for the those who won’t to make excuses about how “bad” life is treating them, but for those who want to take the bull by the horns and show him who’s boss. I believe everyone of us has that potential, it’s just a matter of developing it and taking advantage of what is in front of you.

Now I gotta be honest. Everyone may have the potential to accomplish their goals and dreams with the Empower Network, but this my friend is NOT for everyone. This is not for you if you’re the type that:

  • Make excuses.
  • Afraid of work.
  • Let others steal your dreams.
  • Can’t follow simple instructions.
  • Like your 9 to 5 grind

If you can identify with any of those characteristics above, then maybe you should move on to something a little more compatible with you, simply because from what I’ve seen, the folk that are really serious here are the ones that are creating their success.empower network

Personally, I don’t won’t to be hard on you, but sometimes, that is the only way that some of us can see ourselves for who we truly are. If you’re not experiencing what it is that you desire to experience in life, well it’s not someone else that has you there. It’s time to truly take a look in the mirror and be BLATANTLY and BRUTALLY honest with yourself. When you do that my friend, that’s when the life changing transformations happen.



Respectfully yours,

Jerry Handy Sr.

(936)-671-9421 cell




Are You Targeting The Wrong People?



Have you ever tried to promote your business offline and got to a
point where you didn’t know who else or how else to promote it?

Well, you’re not alone. A lot of entrepreneurs run into this all
the time. They’ve run out of “associates” or “acquaintances” to
put their business in front of and are about to throw in the towel.

One thing to take into consideration is when that happens, there is
always an alternative to your situation when you just think outside
the box.

Think in terms of where exactly do people hang out at that are in-
terested in what you have to offer. You may be promoting a software
product, a health product, legal services, technology, etc.

It really doesn’t matter.

But this “targeting” must be spot on. You can just do a generic
search for home based business, you’ve got to get specific with it.

If you are in “network marketing”, look for “network marketing” when
you are doing your research.

Don’t, don’t, don’t do searches for “opportunity seekers” or buy
leads for “opportunity seekers”. It will be a waste of your time
and money.

In turn, look at who are more pre-disposed to really wanting to
join a mlm or network marketing business and more than likely you
will be looking for “you guessed it”, “NETWORK MARKETERS”.

You may be saying, well they are already in a business.

Let me ask you this.

When pro sports team attempt to assemble a team to bring home a
championship, what do you think they do? Recruit right?

But do they recruit “newbies/rookies or do they go after proven
“free agents” that have the knowledge, experience, expertise in
their respective fields?

You guessed it. Proven Free Agents.

If sports team know how to do this for their “business”, this is a
method that you should employ as well.

Don’t search for those who can’t put you in a position to win now,
look for those that can join your team and take you to that champion
ship and WIN right now.

talk soon,

Jerry Handy

P.S.-Remember when tackling the task of building a team or becoming
that leader that everyone is looking for, it’s important to prepare
yourself for it. Ask yourself, why aren’t you the “attractive” leader
that everyone is willing to follow? It’s because you may not have
taken the time to invest in you, not your upline.


Why You Need Your Very Own Sales Funnel?

Good question..but why do you really? If you don’t know it by now, most of the top marketers out there have been using this tactic/strategy for years to build their primary network marketing businesses. It’s no secret that if you’re going to endure long term online or for that matter even offline in your business, you need to have a constant stream of cash flow to keep you going up front until your back end residual income kicks in

I’ve put together a little video that kinda gives you somewhat of a different perspective on why you need to be doing this in your business if you are VERY serious about success in this industry. It’s high time you learn how to do it and JUST DO IT! You can thank me later.

Check it out here: Create Your Very Own Sales Funnel

Questions or Comments…jot em’ down below.

Your in success,

Jerry Handy Sr.

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