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empower networkHello and welcome to my site. This is day one of my journey with the Empower Network. I’m looking forward to an exciting ride and helping a lot of people reach their own personal business goals. It won’t be easy as we all know if it’s a long lasting business venture, then it doesn’t happen instantly or in your own timing.

It’s gonna be fun due to the fact that we have an very nice system in place and it’s something that I believe the little guys can get their arms around and be successful with. That’s only if they have that “don’t quit” attitude. One of the biggest hurdles that I believe that so many have had has been the lack of ability to “convert” those who visit your business sites into sales. As we all know quite so well, that’s the name of the game.

If you’re not serving your potential customers exactly what it is that they want, you’re in for a long ride. So buckle up and let’s ride! This horse is going to take us a long way.

I say long ride because whether you know it or not, the internet is here to say and is not going anywhere anytime soon. So while it’s here, if you are an entrepreneur at heart, this is the place to spread your wings and fly. It’s the new “industry” of the 21st century and it is where the fortunes are to be made.

The Empower Network has in my opinion come along at the right time and will position those who are “ready” for online success to attain it. It’s not for the those who won’t to make excuses about how “bad” life is treating them, but for those who want to take the bull by the horns and show him who’s boss. I believe everyone of us has that potential, it’s just a matter of developing it and taking advantage of what is in front of you.

Now I gotta be honest. Everyone may have the potential to accomplish their goals and dreams with the Empower Network, but this my friend is NOT for everyone. This is not for you if you’re the type that:

  • Make excuses.
  • Afraid of work.
  • Let others steal your dreams.
  • Can’t follow simple instructions.
  • Like your 9 to 5 grind

If you can identify with any of those characteristics above, then maybe you should move on to something a little more compatible with you, simply because from what I’ve seen, the folk that are really serious here are the ones that are creating their success.empower network

Personally, I don’t won’t to be hard on you, but sometimes, that is the only way that some of us can see ourselves for who we truly are. If you’re not experiencing what it is that you desire to experience in life, well it’s not someone else that has you there. It’s time to truly take a look in the mirror and be BLATANTLY and BRUTALLY honest with yourself. When you do that my friend, that’s when the life changing transformations happen.



Respectfully yours,

Jerry Handy Sr.

(936)-671-9421 cell




Are You Targeting The Wrong People?



Have you ever tried to promote your business offline and got to a
point where you didn’t know who else or how else to promote it?

Well, you’re not alone. A lot of entrepreneurs run into this all
the time. They’ve run out of “associates” or “acquaintances” to
put their business in front of and are about to throw in the towel.

One thing to take into consideration is when that happens, there is
always an alternative to your situation when you just think outside
the box.

Think in terms of where exactly do people hang out at that are in-
terested in what you have to offer. You may be promoting a software
product, a health product, legal services, technology, etc.

It really doesn’t matter.

But this “targeting” must be spot on. You can just do a generic
search for home based business, you’ve got to get specific with it.

If you are in “network marketing”, look for “network marketing” when
you are doing your research.

Don’t, don’t, don’t do searches for “opportunity seekers” or buy
leads for “opportunity seekers”. It will be a waste of your time
and money.

In turn, look at who are more pre-disposed to really wanting to
join a mlm or network marketing business and more than likely you
will be looking for “you guessed it”, “NETWORK MARKETERS”.

You may be saying, well they are already in a business.

Let me ask you this.

When pro sports team attempt to assemble a team to bring home a
championship, what do you think they do? Recruit right?

But do they recruit “newbies/rookies or do they go after proven
“free agents” that have the knowledge, experience, expertise in
their respective fields?

You guessed it. Proven Free Agents.

If sports team know how to do this for their “business”, this is a
method that you should employ as well.

Don’t search for those who can’t put you in a position to win now,
look for those that can join your team and take you to that champion
ship and WIN right now.

talk soon,

Jerry Handy

P.S.-Remember when tackling the task of building a team or becoming
that leader that everyone is looking for, it’s important to prepare
yourself for it. Ask yourself, why aren’t you the “attractive” leader
that everyone is willing to follow? It’s because you may not have
taken the time to invest in you, not your upline.


Why You Need Your Very Own Sales Funnel?

Good question..but why do you really? If you don’t know it by now, most of the top marketers out there have been using this tactic/strategy for years to build their primary network marketing businesses. It’s no secret that if you’re going to endure long term online or for that matter even offline in your business, you need to have a constant stream of cash flow to keep you going up front until your back end residual income kicks in

I’ve put together a little video that kinda gives you somewhat of a different perspective on why you need to be doing this in your business if you are VERY serious about success in this industry. It’s high time you learn how to do it and JUST DO IT! You can thank me later.

Check it out here: Create Your Very Own Sales Funnel

Questions or Comments…jot em’ down below.

Your in success,

Jerry Handy Sr.


How To Build A List Without A Website

You may be asking how can I build a list without a website when I’m just getting started?

That’s a very good question and a simple answer.

You see, when you come online, there are a few factors that must be taken into consideration.

How will I get traffic for my business?

Do I have huge sums of money to invest?

Is my knowledge base sufficient enough to be successful?

Those are some legitimate concerns if you’re really serious about making it online.  The primary thing again that you must consider is people and how can you build your list without a website.

You see a website is an IMPORTANT factor, but not necessary in the short term for you to start building your list.

If you have one key component in your arsenal, you should be just fine.  You’re probably asking, what exactly would that be?  To be quite direct and honest, it’s an autoresponder.  An autoresponder is a tool that most marketers or home business owners use to build a list without a website.

Some would argue with me and say that they are primarily used to follow up with people and that’s true.  But they can also be used to build your list without a website in place in the beginning.

Ok.  I got it.  So how exactly do you do that?  Simple!  Just follow this basic step by step guide and you should be off to the races.

Purchase an autoresponder.

Set up the campaign for your list

Get the autoresponder email address (ex:

Start marketing and refer prospects to send an email to your autoresponder address and walah, you’re building a list without a website.

It’s really just that simple to build a list without a website and most smart marketers use this strategy all the time.  One reason is that it is a sure fire way to have a 100% conversion due to the nature of it bypassing a lead capture page.

Once you start to build your list without a website, then through your autoresponder you can follow up with them til the end of time with your basic offer for your service and/or your opportunity.

Need an autoresponder?  Go here.

To Your Success,
Jerry Handy Sr.

Copyright or Say Goodnight!

Hey guys and gals.  I wanted to put this VERY IMPORTANT video together for you expressing the most urgent need for you to really take a hard look at what capture pages you launch for your various marketing campaigns.  I say capture pages, but more specifically what copyright strategies are used on it.  Copywriting is a skill that most marketers have not mastered and some have allowed the desire to master it fade into the ether…  Bad, bad move my friends.  If you don’t take this skill to heart, you’ll soon find yourself frustrated that you’re not able to ATTRACT the right prospects or even generate the leads that your network marketing business really needs.  Well, there is a science to lead generation and copywriting.  The two just go hand in hand.  Take a listen to this training video that I put together and I believe you will have second thoughts on it’s value and importance.  We’ll speak soon….

Right click on video for FULL SCREEN…

[zdvideo width=”400″ height=”300″][/zdvideo]

This by far has been one of the most rewarding skills that I am developing on an ongoing basis.  We should forever be learning how we can best serve those in which we are adding value to.  But how do can we serve them if they never know we existed and how valuable our information is.  It’s simply learning what you need to know to get them to YOUR stuff.  Let me hear your comments on what you think and how did this skill help you in your online marketing ventures.  Take care…

Rightfully Yours,

Jerry Handy Sr.

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