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Getting Your Articles On The First Page of Google

Hey guys and gals.  Just a quick video I put together on how you can get your articles on the top page of Google.   You know most people are living on a budget to some degree and just don’t have a lot of money to put into their respective business right out of the gate.  Some are looking for ways to generate leads without having to pay for them through other methods.  Well, this is one strategy that will only require your time and a little brain power to get it up and running.  You can potentially have a never ending stream of interested prospects from just this one strategy alone.  Check it out…..

[zdvideo width=”400″ height=”300″] Marketing Video.mp4[/zdvideo]

One of the greatest tools you can have online is keyword software.  If you don’t have this, you aren’t an online marketer.  There is no way that you will ever succeed without it.  Who online do you know that have created any degree of success that don’t utilize keyword software?

Yours in service,

Jerry Handy


Biz Opp Leads-Generating Free Biz Opp Leads Online

When it comes to generating free biz opp leads online, there are a number of strategies that can be utilized online.  One of those techniques is called article marketing.  Some people get a little afraid when you speak of writing articles because they may not have written them before.  Well, I want to put your mind at ease and show you this powerful marketing strategy that most entrepreneurs are utilizing today to generate massive amounts of leads for FREE.  Check it out below….Right Click and select toggle full screen to make larger

[zdvideo width=”400″ height=”300″][/zdvideo]

I have been using several different ways to generate biz opp leads online and I must say, this strategy was not one that I had mastered thus far.  But since implementing it, I think I have come to like it very well much to my surprise.  It takes no more than fifteen or so minutes to write one and also you can choose to have it optimized for the search engine so that you can insure that others find your powerful content.  Hope this was an eye opener for you as well as it was for me.  I really enjoyed sharing it with you.  I gotta ask, about how long did it take before you started using this strategy?

At your service,

Jerry Handy


My Autoresponder, My Secretary

My autoresponder is my best online friend.  If you are new to online marketing and have not gotten your hands on this software, you are robbing yourself of one of the best things that ever happened to the network marketing industry.  You’ve heard it said in the “old school” training, that the fortune is in the follow up.  Follow-Up you say.  Yep, that’s it.  You have to maintain constant communication with your potential prospect and/or business partner on a regular basis.  This virtual online secretary is the best employee that you can hire for your business.  She is an employee that will not get tired or would need to take a lunch or smoke break.  She goes non stop, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.  This  definitely needs to be a part of your marketing budget hands down.  Take a listen at today’s marketing tip…..


Cool, now that you know who my baby is online, fill me in on what you feel is important to you.  I could have talked about a few other things that are definitely necessary as well, but this one had to be one of my top picks.  Whatcha think?

Cold Day, but Warm Heart…

We experienced something very amazing here the other day in comparison to other parts of the country.  When I first heard that it was coming our way, I wanted to capture it for future use as well as share with you guys.  Mind you, I live in deep East Texas and this just doesn’t happen that often, so enjoy.


I know that others of you experience this on an annual basis, but not us.  I don’t envy you because I know that it can be a little difficult to deal with from time to time when you are trying to commute and/or get on with your lives, but it’s nice to see.  It makes things prettier and tends to bring families closer together.  I know some of my local friends made comments about how their kids went out and built snow men and threw snow balls at one another during this time.  Either way, what’s your thoughts about winter weather, and how often do you get this stuff?

Take Care,

Jerry Handy Sr.


Secrets Of Creating Wealth? Could it be Giving?

The secrets of creating wealth is an elusive subject.  So many of us look for the quick fix, get rich quick schemes that fall apart before we get going.  If you really want to know the real truth to wealth creation, it’s not what you think.  I recently was coordinating a financial seminar at my local church and the subject of the importance of giving was discussed.  Check it out below….


What are your thoughts and why do you think giving is important when it comes to creating long lasting success? Let me know…

Jerry Handy Sr.

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