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Cold Day, but Warm Heart…

We experienced something very amazing here the other day in comparison to other parts of the country.  When I first heard that it was coming our way, I wanted to capture it for future use as well as share with you guys.  Mind you, I live in deep East Texas and this just doesn’t happen that often, so enjoy.


I know that others of you experience this on an annual basis, but not us.  I don’t envy you because I know that it can be a little difficult to deal with from time to time when you are trying to commute and/or get on with your lives, but it’s nice to see.  It makes things prettier and tends to bring families closer together.  I know some of my local friends made comments about how their kids went out and built snow men and threw snow balls at one another during this time.  Either way, what’s your thoughts about winter weather, and how often do you get this stuff?

Take Care,

Jerry Handy Sr.


Secrets Of Creating Wealth? Could it be Giving?

The secrets of creating wealth is an elusive subject.  So many of us look for the quick fix, get rich quick schemes that fall apart before we get going.  If you really want to know the real truth to wealth creation, it’s not what you think.  I recently was coordinating a financial seminar at my local church and the subject of the importance of giving was discussed.  Check it out below….


What are your thoughts and why do you think giving is important when it comes to creating long lasting success? Let me know…

Jerry Handy Sr.

Internet Marketing for Beginners-Part 2

Personal Brand

It’s a word that is thrown around alot in our industry to some degree. What it simply means is that you have taken the focus off of a certain company or business opportunity and put it own yourself. Now, wait a minute before you start thinking that it’s selfish, it’s really not. Let me explain. Understand that first of all, people don’t follow companies, products, services, or compensation plans, they follow “People”. You have to set yourself apart as that person that they would won’t to follow. Have you ever noticed that the folk who done the hotel meeting presentations back in the “old school” trainings were the ones that everyone was attracted to? They were the ones at the front of the room who were the “experts” and knew a lot about the business and was making the most money (most of the time). They had that “something special” about them that attracted you to them.

What Was That Attraction?

What exactly pulled you to them was their confidence, courage, knowledge, skill level, as well as passion for what they were doing. They had a sense of direction and knew were they were going. The people in that room felt their energy and strong success vibe and they wanted to be a part of it. Well, that’s what goes on in the mind of most prospects you run across. They want to know what it is that you will and can do for them. They want to know if you can lead them to success and until they feel that from you, they won’t join you. So, your objective should be to become that person. To create your own brand of leader that individuals can have confidence and assurance that you are going to “lead them to the promise land”. I know it can be a little scary stepping out and being a leader, but it’s develop yourself or fail miserably.

How Do I Develop Myself?

It starts with wanting to grow and become a better person. As you become a better person, you by default are attractive. People like being around kind, caring, compassionate, intelligent, enthusiastic, and loving people. When you work on you by putting yourself in the right environment and around the right people, you will see progress beyond your imagination. You will see yourself starting to blossom because you have done what it takes to make it work. If it’s buying that book, going to that seminar, studying your target market, or whatever, you’re willing to do it. That will take you places you’ve never been in this industry because to tell you the truth, most marketers are too lazy to do these things. That my friend will put you in the top 1% of this industry, bar none. If you are consistently doing the things that others are not willing to do, you’re well own your way to experience success beyond your wildest dreams.

To your growth,

Jerry Handy Sr.

Internet Marketing For Beginners-Part 1

Internet marketing can be an elusive skill to master if you are not privy to how it all works. For starters if you’re not careful you can end up spending a huge amount of time and money and not be profitable at all. One of the best things you can do as a newbie, is to not spend a dime on anything until you understand what you’re spending it on. There is ample amounts of free internet marketing education available that will get you going in the right direction, but the question is, “How do I know it’s the right information?”

Getting the Right Information

First of all, when you’re seeking to learn a new subject, it’s always a wise thing to surround yourself with like-minded people that are going in the same direction as you. Someone who’s been there and done that so to speak. Pick their brains and learn what they’ve done to create their success in internet marketing. There are a lot of folk out there that are just blowing smoke and calling it success, beware. Getting the right info from the jump will save you a lot of unnecessary heartache and pain. Some have come on here with the old mindset of how they done their business offline and it just doesn’t work here.

What works?

Access to the appropriate technology and systems, that’s what works. I can tell you from experience that if you don’t know how to market with the 21st century marketing platforms, you may as well fold up your tent and call it a day. You will literally get blown out of the water on this medium without it. Now just having it is one thing. Knowing how to use it to your advantage is another. It’s like having the keys to Lambroughini Diablo and you’re thirteen years old. That’s just not the car for you right now because it’s a little too powerful. Do you realize that you can put yourself in front of millions of people within just a few minutes? That is the power of the internet and not knowing what you’re doing right out of the gate can hurt your personal brand long term. Personal brand. What is that? Well we’ll save that for part two of this post. Stay Tuned!

Yours in Success,

Jerry Handy

Welcome To My Blog

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I have personally designed this site to be a point of contact for the most current and up to date online marketing information for any entrepreneur. If you’re looking to develop your abilities as well as skill-set for success, then this is the blog that you want to bookmark. Take the time to review all of the content in it’s entirety and feel free to leave comments on issues that have helped you. If you were like me starting out, there was probably a whole lot of confusion on how all of this stuff worked as well as how it all tied together. Well, hopefully we’ll be able to assist you in those areas and bring some clarity to some of those subjects that has kinda gotten by ya.

To Your Success,

Jerry Handy Sr.

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