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Ipro Partner Program -Just made another $1,000.00

Hey guys, just a quick update on the progress of my business.  I gotta tell you, things are looking up for me in Ipro.  I just made an additional 1k which came in right after I come in from vacation.  Tell you about a nice surprise, that it was.  I really hadn’t done anything different than what I’ve always done and that’s just driving traffic or visitors to the entrance of the funnel and allow the system that Dean has created to do the rest of the work.

My primary focus has been to send it to one particular funnel.  You see there are “at the time of this post”, two funnels in play.  There is the Quick Start Challenge funnel and the Ipro funnel.  The Quick Start funnel has a few of the lower price point products that are designed for the newbie marketer just getting their feet wet in the online world.  It’s a very good course if you ask me because it teaches you exactly what you need to have in place as a newbie moving forward in online marketing.  I learned some very good strategies in this course and I believe every one starting online, especially in the internet marketing or make money online niche should get their hands on it for sure.

Now the Ipro funnel is totally different.  I get a lot of request from others asking me exactly how it works.  To simplify it, this is probably the easiest way that I can explain it.

It’s buying into a franchise.  If you’re familiar with the McDonalds, Subways, Chic Filets of the world, you should be able to grasp this idea.   If you were to buy into either one of those franchises, you would get the world known name brand, products, exposure, advertising and the whole nine yards as a franchise owner.  You would have an opportunity to tap into a successful franchise as an investor and reap the monetary rewards of a proven business model.  Of course you know that you will not be able to keep all of profits as you are under contract to share in a certain percentage of them along with annual franchise fees.

In respect to the Ipro Partner Program, it’s the same.  Once you’re become a part of the program, if you’re accepted, you will buy into the business opportunity aspect of the company and have the ability to sell the products available.  These products range anywhere from the Quick Start Challenge Program, to product creation coaching, to Deans’ 6 steps to success coaching, and many more.  These products are in great demand and you’ll have the luxury of marketing these items for nice hefty commissions.

The beautiful thing about the program is that you don’t have to worry about doing the selling of the high ticket items.  Dean and his sales team will do all of the work for you and send you the nice commission checks to your paypal account.  Sweet.  It’s nice getting notices from Paypal saying “Ipro Partners have sent you money.

The other aspect of the franchise/licensee opportunity is that since your primary obligation is driving traffic or sending visitors to the entrance of the funnel, they are actually giving you six weeks of traffic training.  Dean is going to show and teach you the exact traffic strategies that he is using on a daily basis so that you can get the same results as he is.  Just think about it.  If you don’t make money, then they don’t make money, so the goal is to make you successful with the program.  No brainer, right?

Without the traffic, you’re not going to be able to create any type of success.  Period.  My advice to you is if you do get accepted, get involved and get traffic as fast as you can and in most cases it’s gonna be paid traffic.  But, you don’t necessarily have to pay for traffic as I have now found another covert way of generating more qualified leads pretty much on autopilot.  By the way, it’s actually free to utilize this system if you choose to go this route and one that I would highly recommend.

Dean also holds live trainings twice a month via webinars where there is additional mentoring and coaching being done for the partners.  This is not a six month deal, but ongoing coaching on a regular basis.  This alone is worth the cost of admission to the program.  Speaking of cost, there are a few different options to become a part of program if you’re accepted.  They have devised it to where it’s affordable to all who has a desire to be successful and not afraid of doing a little work.

All I can say is give yourself a shot and at least fill out the application to see if you have what it takes to get in.  I would even go out on a limb and say that if you’re really, really serious about being an entrepreneur in the online space and you’re not shy about investing in your success, you have a pretty good chance of being accepted.  Seriously.

It’s been the best decision that i’ve made in my online marketing career to date and the only one that has generated 4 figure days for me for sure.  I’m extremely excited about the potential to reach higher goals with the program and looking to help others as well.  The bottom line is, if there are more success stories coming forth, it makes it better for all.  You’ve probably heard about the acronym TEAM…right?  It basically stands for Together, Everyone, Achieves, More.

Get involved and get moving and together we’ll be able to make it happen for you and your family.

til next time,



All traffic isn’t created equal

In the online world of running an online business, the name of the game is TRAFFIC and Conversions.  If you have any type of product or service that you are attempting to market online, those are two key factors that you must monitor at all times.  The hotter the product or service you are offering, the better chance you will have of actually making any real money from it (ala sales).  If you don’t have that working for you, you’re in for a long ride.

With the being said, I wanted to share with you the latest results that I’ve experienced with a couple more of my chosen traffic sources.  For those of you that are not aware, I still do engage in free traffic generation strategies, but I’ve put a heavier emphasis on paid methods.  Just a foot note:


[ez_box title=”Tracking is CRITICAL” color=”orange”]

When you’re paying for traffic, make sure you are tracking every single campaign.  It could be the difference in your success and failure in marketing.


As you may have noticed the awesome results that I received on my campaign.  Trust me, that was huge for me since I haven’t really had a whole lot of experience with Solo Ads.  They are by far the fastest way to build a list as well as build a business.  But you have to be ready for the “not so good” part of marketing and that’s when things don’t really go your way.  I’m going to give you a little update on where my campaigns are and how I’m approaching my marketing strategies going forward.

Just real quick, if you refer back to this post, you’ll see that I still had a pending campaign that was due to go out.  Well, it has been launched and at this point I can’t give you the results.  Why?  Well, it’s still running, believe it or not.  I ordered 500 clicks from a certain vendor in May, and it’s barely gotten 100 clicks so far.  But, in complete and full disclosure, I was aware of this particular vendor’s MO (method of operation) when I purchased it.  He is the type that is not concerned about the quantity of the clicks or the speed at which they are sent, which to me makes sense as long as it’s a targeted list in your niche.

If they come over time, that’s cool, but I honestly didn’t think it would take a month for 100 clicks.  Am I upset about it?  Not really, because I know eventually they will come through.  I’ll just be patient and just let it run it’s course.  But I will tell you that I will not purchase from this vendor again for sure.  As of right now, I guess I’ll go ahead and share with you these dismal results.  Whew!

[ez_box title=”Publisher 5 results” color=”orange”] Purchased           Received        Optins       Sales

500                            82                  12               0


Now as I’ve stated, the campaign is still running and I have about 418 clicks remaining.  There is a small possibility that it will yield some significant results, but it remains to be seen.  The good news is that the 12 optins that are in the system right now are still being followed up with……ON AUTOPILOT.  Sweet!

Let’s move on……

As you know, marketing doesn’t stop with one all out massive campaign of 100’s of clicks.  It’s an ongoing process and something that you have to consistently do.  If you’ve set aside a certain amount for your “marketing budget”, then it would only make sense to stick to it.  If your budget is $100, $300, $500 a month or more, just be consistent with it.  Eventually you’ll get to the point where the business is self funded and at that stage you can sit back and enjoy the ride.  I’m not there yet, but that’s the hope that I have going forward.

The best part about being on the internet is that EVERYTHING is track-able.  I know which campaigns are worth re-investing in versus the ones that I shouldn’t put a penny into.  The bottom line is “When you pay with REAL money, you PAY closer attention.  That only makes good business sense, right?.

Ok.  I’ve brought on two additional publishers this month.  I’m just testing different sources and seeing which ones are going to yield the best results for me.  As I’ve always indicated, you gotta TEST!

[ez_box title=”Publisher 6 Results” color=”orange”]

Purchased  Received  Optins  Conversion   Sales
500               513             102          19.9             0


The ad for publisher 6 cost $425 and has yet to yield any results so far, but as I’ve said, the system is working in the background to hopefully convert a few of them.  I’m hopeful, but if it doesn’t come through, that’s just the way marketing is.  Now mind you, this is not what you would want to expect from your efforts because there is no way you can stay in business if you’re not profitable in your campaigns.  Just an FYI.  I’m not completely thrilled about how it’s going right now, but I do understand the risk involved when running a business.  Remember, I mentioned this a few days ago that it’s not a wise move on your part to spend your kids’ grocery funds or your car payment on your business.  Just be wise.

[ez_box title=”Publisher 7 Results” color=”orange”]

Purchased  Received  Optins  Conversion  Sales
500                520            92           17.7%             1


The ad spend for this publisher was right at $225 and have so far produced 1 sale at $43 bucks.  Not a whole lot of money, I know, but the customer value in this system is huge.  Just one customer can produce four figure commissions at any time, so the need for hundreds and hundreds of customers is not necessary.  Now it would be nice if they were buying quicker, but you just got to be patient and let the process work.

So as you can see my total ad spend was right at $650 and it has produced 1 sales at $43.  That gives me a R.O.I of -93.4%.  Not stellar results I know, but….as they say “It be that way sometimes”.  Anyway…..

It’s been my endeavor to keep all of my readers up to date on my marketing efforts and how it’s working for me.  Good, bad or indifferent, you will see my journey as it unfolds from month to month.  I’m looking forward to reporting some more awesome results to you guys real soon.  I believe that with the right products or services and tapping into the right market, it’s just a matter of time before it brings forth huge dividends.

Hopefully in my next post I’ll have a chance to share more insightful information on the exact system I’m using and how I believe it will be the difference maker for me in the future.  My ultimate goal for my business is to be able to enjoy my life from day to day and take real good care of my family.  My wife is itching for a new home and with God’s help and my consistent action, it’ll happen sooner rather than later.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted with the new pics when that time comes.

If you’ve enjoyed this update and it has given some additional insight into running an online business, please share your thoughts with us.  I always appreciate it for sure.

Richest Regards,

Jerry Handy Sr.



Leveraging your successes for greater momentum

online successOnline success can be a little tricky to say the least.  So many have attempted to chase after it and wondered why they haven’t been able to accomplish it.  Why might you ask?  That’s a good question and one that deserves an honest answer.  One of the things that I had to realize since coming online is how to take the “little” steps primarily and then scale up to create bigger and better results.

It’s not easy being patient when you are putting your time, energy, and effort into your business.  Especially when you don’t see any real change happening.  It can be disheartening.  But don’t panic or lose focus like so many have done before you who don’t have a vision of where they are going.  Once you know what your plan is and how you see yourself accomplishing it, it makes for an easier journey.  You’ve seen many marketers online that in your eyes, it appears that their online success was “overnight”.  Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth and if you ask them, they’ll tell you that it wasn’t as well.

What you have to understand is that they took baby steps.  They went from one successful activity to another and learned how to leverage it.  Let me give you a prime example of what I mean.  Let’s just say you’re brand new to internet marketing (make money online) or whatever your niche is.  You put up a simple wordpress blog by following a very simple and basic instructional video that you found on youtube.  Maybe it took you a little time to get it up, but at the end of the day, you accomplished it.  Bingo!  That was a success for you.  Right?  You had an obstacle in your way and found out a solution to remedy it and YOU did it.

Now let’s just stop and think for a minute.  You were brand new to online marketing and now you are a blog owner who have installed their very own blog site.  How many other new marketers or those who would like to install their own blog, could benefit from your knowledge and experience.  Why couldn’t you now put together your own information product or video tutorial using the likes of Camtasia or some other screen capture software and share exactly how you did it.

Talking about LEVERAGE.  That would be huge for you in helping to maybe even build a list with.  It could be a piece of content that you could utilize to help build your list.  But Jerry, there are thousands of marketers out there that have already shared that with others on youtube or their own sites and what will make mine any different?  My answer to that question is simple.  YOU!  You make it different and unique.  That’s one of the biggest myths to online marketing and that is that it’s saturated and very competitive.  Let me ask you another question.  Have you ever heard of Unique Selling Proposition or USP?  If you haven’t, it’s simply asking what is it that you can bring to your market and what makes it unique to others who may be in the same market.

Every person has their uniqueness and the ability to put their own special twist on things.  Why do you think there are so many that are starting to have success in the same niche?  It’s because they have figured out a way to bring THEMSELVES into the equation and not so much the actual product or services.  You are unique from any other marketer on the internet and should strive to separate yourself from them.  How you come across in your blog post or your content will speak volumes to your readers.  Many are asking how are you unique?  Is it your honesty, integrity, passion, thirst for knowledge, marketing experience or whatever.  Something will stand out about you that is not noticeable in others.  Capitalize on that and use it to your advantage.

The blog installation and set-up is just one example of online leverage.  You can continue to build upon that initial activity and turn it up a notch into other ventures.  Now that you’ve gotten some interest in your blog installation video tutorial or report that you’ve given away to build your list, now you can share on your blog how you were able to build a list by giving away a free video tutorial.  You get my drift now?  Can you see how you can leverage off of a previous success to add more value to your business?

As this process continues, then you’ll be able to take it to higher heights when you’re making your first few dollars online.  Suppose you just made a sale from an affiliate product(s) that you have been marketing online for a few weeks.  Now you’re able to document how you did that and exactly what process you went through to make it happen.  You could take a screen shot of your results and share it with your readers.  Of course you would blot out sensitive information that would not be wise to share with others, but you see my point.  You are now leveraging that tiny degree of success to gain more momentum in your business.  Trust me on this one.  When others who have not gotten the same results as you have, and mind you there are plenty, they will want to know more about how you were able to do it.

There are always some marketers that are just getting started and may be a few days, weeks, or months behind you.  So you will always have an opportunity to utilize your experience and results for them.  The experience you gather will be invaluable to you and will afford you the privilege of sharing more of your methods with your readers and visitors.  You can then go on to build an even greater list of those who would exchange their email address for your free offers that can help them as well.

Then your goal should be to rinse and repeat.  Ultimately, you will be able to have so much leverage in your business, you in turn could have your first product created from your very own experiences and results.  That’s a real world example of how most of the successful marketers have made their full time incomes online.  Initially, they leverage others experiences, products, systems, and what have you until they can create their own.  Leverage is powerful and when you really understand how to use it for your benefit, you’ll continue to struggle trying to figure out how all of this stuff works.

It’s simple, but not always easy.  Just follow in the steps of others who have done it and short cut your way to success.  I’m not saying overnight success, but it will be success indeed for sure.

If this post has helped you in anyway, I would love to hear your feedback.  As always, it is much appreciated and thanks for taking the time to check it out.


Jerry Handy Sr.





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