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The 5 Components of a Successful Online Business (Part 5)

We are at the conclusion of our 5 part blog post.  It has been exciting sharing this information with you and hopefully it has been of extreme value to your online education.  It always gives me much pleasure when I know that something I've shared have been of assistance to you.

One thing I would always warn you of is that whenever you are learning something new in your business, be quick to apply it.

That's one of the biggest downfalls of most internet marketers that I've seen thus far.  So, with that being said, let's get into our fifth and final component.

We've now covered the following:

  • 1.  Free Opt In Offer of high value to give in exchange for prospects contact info.
  • 2.  High Value front end offer of low cost, but high value to offer immediately after opt in.
  • 3.  Multiple Upsells that add further value to your newly acquired customer.
  • 4.  Multiple Back End Sales that can further help your customer and create greater returns on your investment. 

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The 5 Components of a Successful Online Business (Part 4)

What an amazing journey we've been on in the last few weeks.  It has been a pleasure of mine to share some of the most value packed education that I've seen online.  It's not something that I can take credit for as I've mentioned in the past, most of what I've shared thus far was what I've learned from one of  my mentors.

As you've explored it's a pretty much a simple step by step system that anyone can duplicate if they have the desire and work ethic to see to it that it comes to past.  In the internet marketing space, the name of the game is action.  Not just any kind of action, but consistent action in the face of failure. 

One thing that has separated the 98 percenters from the 2% of successful entrepreneurs is many, many failures and a learning experience that have taught them one thing. 

What doesn't work!

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The 5 Components of a Successful Online Business (Part 3)

Hello.  Welcome back to the blog today.  In today's topic we're going to be discussing the third element or component of running a successful online business.  We've already discovered the first two elements which were:

online success leverage
  • 1.  Having a Lead Capture Page with a free high value offer.
  • 2.  Having a high converting low cost offer immediately after opt in

With those two pieces of your marketing funnel in place, you should initially begin to recoup some of your financial outlay.  There is a cost to running a business and don't let anyone tell you any different.  Sure there are multiple free strategies but in the end they're just not as scalable, predictable, or dependable in the long term.

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The 5 Components of A Successful Online Business (Part 2)

Ok.  A few days ago, we dove into the first component of running a successful online business and today we're going to tackle part two.  As you've seen, it takes an online presence through your lead capture page and free offer to get a visitor or prospect to hand over their contact details.

Now that you have their information, what exactly do you do next?

Before we dive into that, let me qualify our next move.  Typically in running a successful online business, you have to take into consideration that you're actually in business, right?  If you are, then there will be financial expenditures that you'll have to invest. 

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The 5 Components of a Successful Online Business (Part 1)

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. Today I'm going to be starting what I would consider a five part blog post covering some things I've learned over the last few months from one of my mentors.

​It covers some critical elements to being a successful online marketer that I believe is very important for me to share here with you. Some of you guys may already be beyond this stage and that's ok, but as I've always said, I never forget where I came from and don't ever won't to forget about those just getting started.

​So in today's session, we are going to be discussing the first part which involves the front of your business.

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