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Welcome to our new team members

Hey guys, welcome back.  Just a quick update on where things are and how we have been fairing thus far.  This of course is a special post because it involves some very special people. 

As you can see in the title above, you've noticed that I have some new additions.  Yep, some amazing new entrepreneurs that have just joined our team over the last few days.  It's guys and gals like these that make it all the better simply because it shows us all that there are some serious people out there that want to change their life. 

Not only their lives, but the lives of their families.  People who have real goals in mind and are not settling for the status quo. 

Hats off to you guys....hopefully they'll make it here and see this.  But either way, I'm proud to be working with you. 

All I can say is take advantage of everything you have here to assist you along with what we've put together in the iStartup Membership Site as well.  Between the two you should definitely have an edge in marketing and getting some great tips to take your businesses to the next level.

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Split Testing…How critical is it?

Hey I mentioned in the last post that I would give you a little insight on split testing and just how important it is.You see, on the surface, it may come across as a time-waster, but in reality, it could be the difference in making a few dollars and making 100's or even 1000's of dollars.  Let's just break it down from my perspective...of course.  You see, just a few days ago I ran a "split test" on a lead capture page that I created for my new membership site. 

I wanted to see how well my original page would convert against a new variation.Well, just a minute Jerry.  What exactly is split testing first of all?  Good question....First of all, if you've been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I always mention that in marketing, especially when it comes to paid advertising, you should always be TESTING.

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Making Steady Progress

It's been a few days now and we are still looking to make some huge progress with conversions and I gotta admit, it's been better.  It's not what I thought, but here is just a little update.

Remember when I said that I wanted to get those split test done on my new iStartup capture page?  Well, I got a little bit of good news to share with you.  Below you will see a snap shot of the first capture page that I created for the iStartup Membership Program.  It was a total shot in the dark and I didn't have a clue as to how it would turn out. 

As I've always said, testing is the name of the game when it comes to marketing.  Just think about it guys.  How do you think the great copywriters became great at what they do?  It's one word.  Experience.  They have had an opportunity to experience or test on a number of occasions and found out which "words" worked and which ones didn't.  It's not rocket science here, just testing.  As you can see, my first test as mentioned came out pretty good at 35.86% opt in rate which is totally awesome for me considering I didn't have a clue when I kicked this thing off.

I was looking for examples of how to structure the copy from others and didn't find any.  Not one!  So, off I went into the world of the creative and pulled this one out of thin air.  Honestly and walah!  There you have it.  See the results below....

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iStartup is up and running……how did it go?

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you all a brief update on how my initial launch of my membership site went.  As I mentioned before, it was a huge undertaking and a lot of hard work to put this thing together, but it’s up and running.  Flawless thus far?  Not a chance.  So much more work to do and so much more content to put inside of it.  My plans are to continue to add meaningful material that will assist entrepreneurs in building a massively successful online presence and business in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

Definitely not short term thinking, but what I believe can be beneficial for them to not only help themselves, but bring the much needed value to the lives of those they will impact through their unique gifts, talents, as well as skill set.

As far my first initial week, I think things went pretty well. I am a little bias you know, but it’s with good reason.  To get things started off, I created a brand new lead capture page just to see how well it would convert the traffic to leads.  To my surprise, it done extremely well for starters.  I mean a whopping 35.86% opt in out of a 100 click Solo Ad.

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The image above is a screenshot of the actual lead capture page that was used during the first test run.  My plans are to optimize it of course through multiple split tests going forward.  The idea is to create another lead capture page with a slight variation on some of the wording and see how it fairs against the now (35.86% control) version.  Hopefully we can get those metrics up in the 40% + range.  That would be awesome.

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I was really surprised that it done so well right out of the gate for sure, but hey that’s the beautiful thing about marketing.  It takes a lot of testing and more testing to get a winning marketing piece.  It’s a constant state of optimization to create higher yields and of course spend less money on your advertising campaigns.  That’s if you’re going the paid method route.  One other emphasis I would make to you guys as well.  As always, if you’re going to spend money, by all means TRACK, TRACK, and TRACK again.  It is so vital to you maximizing your roi (return on investment).  If you start out spending money with certain solo ad vendors or facebook ads for that matter, you need to know where your conversions are coming from.  There are a ton of tracking software out on the market, just find one that you’re comfortable with and does a very good job of yielding “accurate” results, and you’re good to go.

As I mentioned in my previous post, that my membership/training site would serve a two-fold purpose.  First, it would give me a place where there would be protection for the content within and only accessible to those who were a part of my team (in some cases), and secondly that it would provide an opportunity for me to build strong solid long term relationships with those who joined.  That’s my aim and thus far it is starting to pan out.

I am now currently getting feedback via email from some of the members that have just joined from my solo ad.  Also, my email “open/view” rate is astronomically higher compared to previously because of the funnel process I have in place now.  Normally, I would send to a lead capture page and then maybe to a one time offer, and the email follow up would ensue.  Now, I have removed the “one time offer” and added a welcome video along with some instructions within which at the moment appears to be yielding significant results.

On the surface without any hard numbers, they’ve went from about 5% open/view rate to about 25% open/view rate.  That’s a 5X increase over previous campaigns for sure.  Just an added note here.  It doesn’t matter how many people you have on your list if they aren’t opening your emails, it’s not going to do them or you any good.

So, focus on building the relationships FIRST.  They may or may not want to work with you.  That should be their choice.  Remember as it’s always been said that people like to do business with those that they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.  Don’t hide behind your computer screen or emails.  Let them know who you are and that you are a REAL & GENUINE person.

Always provide helpful and valuable information that they can learn something from that will help bring a solution to their respective problem.  It’s really just that simple.

May I ask you a brief question?

What are you doing to ensure that you are building solid relationships online?  Are you willing to modify your marketing efforts if you see that they are not yielding the results you’re looking for?  I know that may sound like a simple question, but believe it or not, some people (marketers) are not willing to change.  They are not willing to adapt to the times and at the end of the day their businesses plummet because of it.

As always, you’re feedback is very much appreciated.  Thanks!


Jerry Handy Sr.







Lot of hard work, but it’s finally done!


Whew!  Is all I can say about what’s been going on behind the scenes for the last few weeks.  I honestly don’t know how I was able to tackle all of this stuff.  But, I did.  I’m so thrilled and excited about it being done and now I want to open it up to you guys.  When I thought about doing this, the intent was to further educate and empower entrepreneurs in a more exclusive and protected area.  That’s not to say that I won’t have or continue to provide content on my blog.  That won’t stop.

I have always for some strange reason wanted to have a training/membership site even when I didn’t have a clue as to how I was going to do it.  Through the past few months, I was slowly getting the right tools and resources that would enable me to accomplish it.  That included membership plugins as well as templates for the  site itself.  It was a pretty steep learning curve to pull it off, but I managed to tame it to say the least.  **I think**

Honestly, I wouldn’t advise you to do it yourself simply because it takes a well organized and detailed person to do it.  Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t, but just understand that it will require pretty serious planning to get it the way you want it.

Currently, I would say that it is for sure in it’s infancy, but the plan is to grow it over time.  I will be putting a lot of content in there that pertains mostly to my businesses that I’m involved in like Ipro and PLS.  Those are the two that I’m focusing on as they perfectly complement each other.

As I mentioned in a previous post, that those that are with me in those respective businesses will have complete access to their portion of the site (PLS will get PLS training) and those who have joined me in IPRO will get access to their portion of the site as well.  That way it keeps things separate and they can focus on the things that is relevant to them.

It may get to a point where I might have to create an additional site, but for the time being, I think this one will get us out of the dark and moving towards the light.

The site currently consist of a few basic training modules and shares what I have experienced or learned on what it takes to start an online business.  It’s been a few years now and some things I picked up the hard way and some can be attributed to my online mentors.  It’s my start to product creation and building solid relationships.  So it’s two-fold.

One thing it has allowed me to do is to sharpen up my video creation skills and also becoming more tech savvy.  I’m not saying that you need to know all of this techie stuff, but it always helps.  I just like learning new things and putting those things to work.  I know that may be a little weird to some degree, but hey, that’s the way I roll.

I learned a while back that you have to be a leader in you want others to follow you.  Leaders do what leaders have to do to accomplish their personal goals.  It forces you to get out of your comfort zone and make things happen.  For so long, I was comfortable sitting back and leveraging what others have created.  That’s cool and all and it has it’s place for sure.  I am a proponent of leveraging whatever you can to get to your goals a lot quicker.  But, don’t get stuck there.

That’s what I had to do to move forward and thus the iStartup Membership Training site was birthed.  It’s as I mentioned just in it’s infancy, but my plans are to bring some very valuable content inside to help assist those who are serious about their success.

It’s not for those who are not really ready to change their lives.  Neither is it for those who are still looking for the next big thing chasing every shiny object that hits their inbox.  It’s time to let go of that stuff.  To be real with you, I’ve fallen victim of that as well as that’s why I can share a thing or two about that syndrome.

So if you’re up for learning a few things and more-so applying what it is that you learn, I welcome you to jump on in and test the waters.  Don’t forget to let me know what you think or for that matter what it is that you like best.  Also, if there was a time when you undertook this type of venture, please give me your thoughts on how I can make it better.  As I mentioned, it’s a learning process for me and I’m definitely open to improving it over the long term.


For access click the iStartup Up (internet startup) image below and I’ll see you on the inside.


Jerry Handy-iStartup

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