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Your Skills Are What Make The Difference-Are They That Important To You?


of the 100 Day Challenge

Skills.  How important are they to you?  Do you really believe that it's your skills that will make the difference?

Maybe a tough question to answer.  Especially if you're brand new to online marketing.  But I gotta tell you, they are.

They are the difference between becoming uber successful or just mediocre.  Honestly, most marketers don't get this part. 

In the beginning I really didn't see how.  But the more I dug in and studied my craft, the more my eyes became opened. 

Let me give you a little scenario.

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Building Your Business On A Budget


of the 100 Day Challenge

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If you're new to online marketing, here is one thing you absolutely need to know.  It's called Building Your Business on a  Budget.

Ever heard of a budget?  Sure you have.

But typically it's related to a household budget.  You know making sure that you have enough money for food, clothing, and shelter.

That's important stuff. 

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What Are The Necessary Tools Needed To Get You Started Online ?-Part 2


of the 100 Day Challenge

Ok, we got going on yesterday talking about the what are the necessary tools needed to start an online business.

We covered the following components thus far.

That right there will get you going if you're ready to build an online brand.  The name of the game is to stand out, be UNIQUE.

Make sure that you study your niche and understand completely what their needs are.  Some people will take the opposite approach.


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What Are The Necessary Tools Needed To Get You Started Online?


of the 100 Day Challenge

Are you new to online marketing?  Do you really have a grasp for the actual tools you need to get things rolling?

If not, this post is designed specifically for you. 

I'm going to walk you through the bare bones of what you need to get moving in the right direction.

But let me give you a full disclosure up front.  Also in an effort to be completely transparent with you.

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