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What Is The Fastest Way To Generate Leads When Starting Your Business?

If you've ever thought of generating leads online and wanted to know what is the fastest way to generate leads when just getting started, you need to check out today's video.

This post is in response to one of the questions I received on a webinar I held on yesterday and I figured I would share it here for all to enjoy.

Let me preface my comment by saying this first.  I recently made a post about how I was pulling away to some degree on paid advertising simply because of the nature of the way I approached it.


My strategy was to send lots of traffic to a generic capture page by way of solo ads.  Notice, I mentioned generic capture page.  That to me is a page that is faceless.  It basically is comprised of ad copy and an optin form.  That's it.

If you were to land on the page, all you would see is the copy that would address an issue in your business and hopefully entice you enough to enter your contact details to receive my offer.

But the problem lies in the page.  Not for you, because you will ultimately get your free gift or offer that I promised you.  You're happy go lucky and off to the races, but when I attempt to follow up with you via email or my autoresponder, you're asking yourself, why am I emailing you and why is this guy spamming me.

I don't know him.


Yep, that's pretty much how it goes when you are sending hoards of traffic to a generic capture page.

Now on the flip side, what if I had put an image or a video of me along with my name on that same page?  You would have an idea of who I was and when you saw my name come through in your email, you're not surprised about it now.

That my friend is one of the lessons I learned in doing lots and lots of solo ads.  It was a very valuable lesson as well as an expensive lesson that I learned and I wouldn't ever advise anyone to do what I did in that fashion.

Makes sense?

My goal is to educate the entrepreneur and give them what works.  Of course at my expense, but that's cool. 

So to get back to our issue here and to speak directly to the question about what is the fastest way to generate leads online when starting your business?  Hands down it's solo ads.

I would highly recommend that you do your research on them and pursue that marketing strategy as long as you do as I recommend that you do. 

DON'T send to a generic capture page.  Do send to a page that brands YOU and they know who's page they've just landed on. 

When you do that, your follow up marketing will work much better for you and that will in turn cause your open rates to be significantly higher.

Trust me, if you do the opposite of what I'm sharing with you, don't say I didn't tell you when you have a non-responsive email list.

Hope that answers the question and you've gotten a little insight into my marketing world of experience.  Take the value and build your list the right way.  Search out reputable vendors who have a great track record of providing quality solos at an affordable cost.

Once you get great results, ramp up and drive more traffic to generate even more leads for your business.  But remember, build the quality relationships on the back end.

If you're unsure about how to do all of this, I highly recommend that you enroll in this training platform to become a better entrepreneur and marketer combined.  Your business will thank you for it.  Plus you owe it to yourself to get better educated.

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