How To Build A List Without A Website -

How To Build A List Without A Website

You may be asking how can I build a list without a website when I’m just getting started?

That’s a very good question and a simple answer.

You see, when you come online, there are a few factors that must be taken into consideration.

How will I get traffic for my business?

Do I have huge sums of money to invest?

Is my knowledge base sufficient enough to be successful?

Those are some legitimate concerns if you’re really serious about making it online.  The primary thing again that you must consider is people and how can you build your list without a website.

You see a website is an IMPORTANT factor, but not necessary in the short term for you to start building your list.

If you have one key component in your arsenal, you should be just fine.  You’re probably asking, what exactly would that be?  To be quite direct and honest, it’s an autoresponder.  An autoresponder is a tool that most marketers or home business owners use to build a list without a website.

Some would argue with me and say that they are primarily used to follow up with people and that’s true.  But they can also be used to build your list without a website in place in the beginning.

Ok.  I got it.  So how exactly do you do that?  Simple!  Just follow this basic step by step guide and you should be off to the races.

Purchase an autoresponder.

Set up the campaign for your list

Get the autoresponder email address (ex:

Start marketing and refer prospects to send an email to your autoresponder address and walah, you’re building a list without a website.

It’s really just that simple to build a list without a website and most smart marketers use this strategy all the time.  One reason is that it is a sure fire way to have a 100% conversion due to the nature of it bypassing a lead capture page.

Once you start to build your list without a website, then through your autoresponder you can follow up with them til the end of time with your basic offer for your service and/or your opportunity.

Need an autoresponder?  Go here.

To Your Success,
Jerry Handy Sr.
Jerry Handy

Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

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  • Chris Hughes says:

    Great tip here Jerry! I wish I would have known this 3 years ago…I spent time just “trying” to build a website using the free blogger and wordpress themes and failed miserably at it. I never was building up a list and I wasn’t making money (surprise haha) now I’ve got my list being built up and income coming in. It’s amazing what a shift can make 🙂 Great tips as people can use social media marketing to build up their business!

  • Gavin Mountford says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Great to meet you, I’m from The Networking Superstars tribe and TSA. List building is very important I agree. Over the last 3 years I’ve grown a list of 37,117 people from the Internet which is pretty powerful.

    Always make sure you are providing great value to your list and they will remain on your list, this is very important!

    Thanks for sharing and look forward to connecting,

    Gavin Mountford

  • Glyna Humm says:

    Hi Jerry – Great tip – you are so right that building your list is really important and you have helped us with a great idea here. Thanks

  • Paul Klaszus says:

    This is awesome! I have no where near the experience you guys have with internet marketing – but in the short months that I’ve been here… that autoresponder has done wonders!

  • rebeccahappy says:

    This is the first time I have heard it put this way. I love it. What auto-responders do you suggest and why?

  • Edward says:

    Hey Jerry,

    Thanks for this great tip. It is good to know that people can get started in this activity without having to have a website already setup.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  • Rebecca, I use getresponse and for no particular reason. They all work pretty much the same. I used Aweber years back and I find no distinct difference between the two. The main point in an autoresponder is deliverability rate and their both pretty high.

    Check out the resource page on this site for a link to getresponse or click here if you’re interested in that particular one.


  • Debbie Stevens says:

    Hi Jerry,

    What a great way to use something in an alternative way to your advantage. A good tip for beginners. Thanks for the information.

  • Beverly Monical says:

    Great tips here Jerry. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tim Somers says:

    Jerry, I wouldn’t have even considered building a list without a website until reading this post – thx.

  • Hi Jerry, Gosh I wish I had thought of this or been told this months ago when I started. Very powerful idea. Thank you, and very nice to meet you also.

  • Eddie Espiritu says:


    Every once in awhile, a tip worth it’s weight in gold is given. Your post here contains one of those tips!

    List building is essential for long term success. Thank you for sharing!


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  • Bill Hartman says:

    Great idea, never thought about the idea of simply using the auto-responder address.

  • Clint White says:

    This is such a insightful and enlightening article. Especially for someone who may be just getting there feet wet in this industry.

  • Rick Salas says:

    Great information Jerry, I never thought of that. I have learned something new and I like that. Great post Jerry!

  • Theuns says:

    On the dot Jerry

    AR;s is a must for Success online .. and it id the way to go.

    Ir is the best way to build your list and it save you a lot of time.

    No list no Business


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