How To Make Money on the Internet: The Real Truth -

How To Make Money on the Internet: The Real Truth

Is there any mystery to how you can make money on the internet?  If you've been online for any length of time, you understand there has been thousands who've tried but seems to fail the majority of the time.

Honestly, there is a science to it and if you don't get his process right, you'll be wasting your time, effort, energy and money just like most of the rest.

Today, we're going to take a serious look at how you can have a better chance at being successful and turn your fortunes around.


First things first

You need to make up in your mind what you want to do in order to make money online.  Be clear within yourself.

It can't just be about money, it has to be about what you feel you can offer that is of value to someone who in search of your solution.  The truth of the matter is that if you don't get this right up front, you're starting out in the hole.

Most online business men and women tend to skip this step.  They've heard about so many others who have made it big and they tend to think it's easy.

It's not and here's why.

You need a plan

You need to map out what you want to get out of your online business.  Forecast it five years out and see on paper exactly what it looks like.  I understand that you're not able to see detail for detail, but at least have an idea of how you want it to be.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Who is my target market?
  • What market does my product or service solve a problem for?
  • What ails them day and night and why would they want my product or service over my competition?

Targeting the right market for your business is the first step toward success. 

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These are just a handful of questions that you need to figure out right up front.  If you proceed any further, you're basically trying to leave "Point A" trying to get to "Point B" without a road map.

Pro Tip:  A carpenter never builds a house without a blueprint so why should you attempt to build a business without a plan?

Once you've settled in on where you're going, it's time to get to work on making it come to pass.  First thing right out of the gate you'll need if you want to do business or make money online is to have an online presence.

Set up your online real estate

Every business owner who is doing any type of business in the off-line world has an off-line presence.  He or she is physically situated at a certain locale in his community.

Whether they are working out of their home or in a brick and mortar building within the city.  The bottom line is someone can actually visit their place of business.

If you're doing business online, there must be an "online domain or presence" where you can be found.

It's a [www] location somewhere on the web that you've gotten set up through a certain registrar.  They could be someone like the following:


One of the more popular registrars where you can get your domain name for as little as $10 bucks.

One of the top rated registrars who have been serving customers since 2001.

Based in Denver Colorado.  Established in 2003.  Prices are comparable to the competition.

Either one of these registrars can help you secure a decent domain name, but it doesn't stop there.  Now you must have hosting to go along with it.

Hosting is where all of your files will be stored when you upload them to the internet.  Just think of hosting as an online hard drive where your videos, pictures, documents, etc. are kept. 

This is another added cost of doing business but it's something that is affordable for most anyone.  It typically ranges anywhere from $10 bucks per month and up. 

If you have a high traffic website they gets thousands of visitors accessing your content, it may be required that you find a hosting company that can handle it.

In that case your cost will increase significantly because of it.  It shouldn't be an issue for you if you've done a great job of knowing how to monetize (make money from your website or blog).

Pro Tip:  Any content that you create online, have a monetization plan in mind that is relevant to what you're offering to your visitors. 

Typically the company that you've had to register your domain can be the same company that can provide your hosting.  Be sure and check with them prior to securing your domain name.

Below are a few companies outside of those above who offer hosting at a very decent and reasonable price. 

Choose a plan that will allow you to run multiple sites.  Don't just get the single site plan as you will limit your business growth if you ever decided to expand. 

But if you miss this up front, you can always upgrade your plan at a later date. 

Choose a premium theme for your site

Although it's not necessary right up front, it is highly recommended that you choose a premium theme.  By doing so, it will allow you a little more customization and better optimization from the "search" perspective.

You see the majority of traffic today comes from the likes of mobile phones, ipads, surface tablets, etc.  If you don't have a premium theme that is mobile optimized, you're going to miss out on a lot of traffic that Mr. Google could have sent your way.

Don't kid yourself, it's widely known what framework your site is set up on and if you're not up to date, your traffic to your site will suffer big time.

If you want to confirm this, just make sure you install google analytics on your site.  You'll be able to monitor all types of metrics on your site including website visitors and what devices they are using.

How To Add Google Analytics To Your WordPress Blog


Now if you've followed the tutorial above, you are now armed with the knowledge to take your website or blog to great heights.  One of the advantages of having Google Analytics installed on your blog is that you'll have an immediate insight into where your traffic is coming from.

In other words you'll know the actual website(s) that is referring traffic to you.  By knowing this, you can focus your time, effort and energy more on these sources moreso than any others.

But let's take a step back and discuss your theme for a second.  If you're installing a wordpress site, you more than likely can choose from a number of free themes. 

That will get you started, but as I mentioned, it's important for you to think long term.

Most of the online marketers and entrepreneurs have missed this invaluable opportunity to insure they'll always be favored in the eyes of the search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc.

It's this simple.  It boils down to site speed.

If your site is slow, the likelihood of you being penalized is much higher.  The faster your loading time is, the better chance you'll have of getting people on your site. 

You've probably experienced it yourself. If a site is taking forever to load, you're on to the next site.  Right?


So choose a theme like:

Top Rated High Quality Themes


Thrive Themes

One of the newer themes on the block but boast a nice suite of products designed for online marketers.


Elegant Themes

They have put together over 87 themes since 2007 and offer a premium membership to access them all.


Woo Themes

Now offer a range of themes and plugins to extend WordPress experiences, including WooCommerce


Genesis Themes

The Genesis Framework allows you to quickly and easily build incredible websites.  These sites are search optimized.

As you can see in the graphic above that Thrive Themes has been rated number one in my opinion.  It is a new kid on the block and boast a huge array of stellar products.  One of which are landing pages.

Creating your landing pages

Landing pages are a vital part of your online marketing and branding system.  When done properly, they can generate a ton of qualified prospects, customers, or leads for your business. 

Thrive Themes is built by online marketers and they are skilled in how to make them optimal for your web business.

As we mentioned above, site speed is one of the crucial elements of getting traffic to stay on your site and this along with other things are a top priority for them.

webiste load speed


As you can see in the image above that the actual site loading speed is slightly under 4 seconds.  That's pretty good but it can use some improvement.

As a side note, the company you choose for hosting can have a lot to do with that and it's one of the very reasons I'm looking in to converting to a better hosting service.  I will post updates once I've made the switch.

This site is utilizing a wordpress theme called Focus blog which is created by Thrive Themes.  As I mentioned, they are sticklers for site load speed and work hard to keep their themes optimal. 

But be sure and have the proper hosting to go along with it.

What purpose does the landing page serve?

When it comes to making money online, having a blog site or website is one thing, but if you're taking your business serious, you need the proper system to make that happen.

The landing page is just one element of that system.  Although an important one, it will serve to capture your visitors contact details. 

In full disclosure, you could send them directly to your blog site or home page, but if you do that and don't have a way of capturing their contact details, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

Statistically speaking, on average it takes a person about seven exposures to your message before that take action on it. 

What exactly does that mean to you? 

It means that if they come to your website and don't "bite" on your monetized offer, how else will you be able to follow up with them?

That's the reason you need to capture their details.  It could be either the name and email address or just the email address.  In the example below, I'm only requesting that they give me their email address. 

Statistics bear out that your conversion rate (the number of people who will act on your request) is much higher with the less amount of information you request.

landing page opt in

The landing page is just one part of your system but a rather important one.  Once they "land" on it, if your offer or lead magnet is persuasive enough to do it's job, you're now in position to take them to the next step.

Always be in the mind frame of giving massive value to your visitor.  It could be in the form of a video, audio, or a pdf report that addresses something they are dealing with.

Ex:  Prospect has a weight issue.  Your solution could be a report that shows them in "3 Easy Steps To Losing 10 Lbs in 30 Days Without Starving Yourself".

What you've done is match your offer with their problem because you know the needs of your audience or target market as we mentioned in the beginning.

Pro Tip:  Your lead magnet should solve a problem in the life or business of your web visitor.

Now that they've given you their contact details, now would be a perfect time to initiate your first paid offer. 

Why is that?

They've just identified to you that they have a problem and are moving forward in attempting to address it.  If they bite on your lead bait or lead magnet, they are a perfect candidate to take more action. 

Unlike someone who was reluctant to give up their email address.  You're certainly not going to get any monetary compensation out of them.

Just because you've now made an offer to them to buy your product, that still doesn't exempt you from fulling your promise to send their free gift or report. 

Pro Tip:  Always deliver on your promise of what you said you would do.

If for some reason your new contact doesn't buy your product or service, you've been smart and collected their information in order to follow up at a later time. 

Email marketing is now your primary focus going forward.  As they say, the fortune is in the follow up.

Typically the conversion rates are around 1 to 2 percent of cold traffic to an offer, so it stands to reason that you should be prepared to warm them up on the backend of your system.

That simply means that you need to have a very persuasive follow up sequence of emails that are going out to your new list of prospects.

But I must warn you first and foremost.  Don't and I repeat don't send a barrage of emails every single day trying to re-pitch your product offer.  That will lend itself to so many unsubscribes it'll make your head spin.

Instead, send them content that is value filled and still helps to focus on how you are going to solve their problem.

It's not a bad idea to maybe send a few welcome emails to onboard them first.  Just letting them know more about you as a person and how you've helped others who were facing some of the same things they've faced.

You could do this simultaneously if you're experienced enough and really know your audience.  So yes, it can be a mix of value and promotional emails that work together to accomplish a win-win for all parties involved.

sales system overview

As you can see, that is an overview of how your sales system should work.  Making money online is as simple as 1-2-3-4. 

But it's not always that easy.

It will take you a little bit of time to get in a groove and really get a feel for how it all works together.  The key is to be consistent with whatever you're attempting to do. 

Provide Quality Content To Attract The Right Audience

I mentioned the landing page first because of how vital it is to your business.  In addition to your landing page, you'll also need to provide consistent quality content in order to attract the right audience.

If you focus on the quality and value of your content, it is more likely than not that others will share it.  That will in turn provide a shot in the arm for more traffic to see what you've done.

The more visitors you have, the greater your potential for making money in your business.  On the flip side, if you don't get this right, no one will bother to stay on your site or share it with others.

Pro Tip:  Have social sharing buttons on your site to make it easy for others to share.

You'll be surprised at the number of people who don't mind getting your content in front of their audience only because of the value it possesses.  That's why you need to focus on value at all times for your readers.

Make it to where your content is something that is actionable and they can apply it to their business in some way.

When you do that, you've stepped into a whole new dimension when it comes to how you seriously can make money online for the long term.

How do you know what content your audience wants?

If you've done your research up front, you should have a pretty good idea about what your market wants or needs.

One thing you would have picked up is that there is a market for what you offer.  A good way to tell is if people are making money in it.  If they aren't, you're wasting your time.

Pro Tip:  If no one is making money in your market, you shouldn't waste your time there.

There is a reason Apple decided to get into the smart phone market. 


There was money being made in it.

Because there was money being made in it, they decided to go after their share and did a pretty good job of it. 

You shouldn't approach your business any different.

Do your research well by scanning the search engines.  They'll tell you what people are searching for and what they are ready to buy. 

Get yourself a good keyword software or you can just use the Google Keyword Planner and find out what are the highest search terms with the most search traffic.

This information is golden and will be the difference in whether you're successful sooner rather than later.

Why put out content that no one is searching for?   It doesn't make sense.  So don't do it.  When you get this part of your business right, the rest should take care of itself.

You now have targeted and quality traffic coming to your site and have an opportunity to see your lead magnets you have to give away.

When they opt in or give you their contact info, the sales system kicks in and goes to work.  That my friend will make you money online any given day of the week.


By now you have the real truth about how you can make money online the right way.  Not a lot of this garbage that is thrown at you all across the web. 

If you're going to run a real business, you have to have a real plan.  One that is well thought out and organized to the point that you know exactly piece by piece what you need.

Not only what you need, but what your target market is wanting a solution for.  When you provide the solution, they provide the monetary equivalent so that it is a win-win for all parties involved. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you've tried to make money online.  What are some of the struggles that you've faced and how have you been able to overcome them?

Let us know in the comment section below.

Jerry Handy

Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

  • Hi Jerry,

    Thank you and congratulations for sharing such a comprehensive coverage of one of the most asked questions online.

    I have just created my first ever little Facebook tribe group and this information will be invalulable to members there who are thinking about getting started online.

    One of the key take-aways for me was at the very beginning of your post when you spoke about planning.

    It’s so important to know where you’re going and to have a realistic handle on your potential target market – so many folks (including me a few years ago) simply assumed they know what the wants, fears, frustrations and other “pain points” their chosen niche market has. This is a very stupid and probably “game-ending” strategy to adopt.

    By the way one free little site that is really worth investigating re the questions being asked by your niche market is FAQFOX – easy to find in a Google search. This site will provie you with a summary of all the talking points of the most relevant forums in your particvular niche giving you stacks of potential highly relevant blog posts plus ideas for yur own product creation f thats the direction you wish to go.

    I also enjoyed you sharing your experise so freely with your “Pro Tips” – awesome!

    Thank you again Jerry and best wishes from a very hot Thai village


    • Jerry Handy says:

      That’s awesome Peter and so glad you enjoyed it. When you provide the value that’s 3/4 of the battle. The rest is just being a real human who cares about helping people.

  • David a Rhodes says:

    Hello Jerry
    Excellent. You have it all right here. Great information especially tips on research of content. I am just starting my blog and your post has helped a lot. Thanks again for your information. Sincerely David

  • Thanks for posting this, Jerry. It was informative and very helpful! Thanks for all the information.

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