It All Starts With One -

It All Starts With One


of the 100 Day Challenge

Ever heard the saying "The Power of One"?  Well, if you haven't that's a phrase you need to drill deep down inside of you and remember for days to come.

It's not something that most people will get excited about simply because they're looking for the thousands to influence.


It's more to it than reaching the thousands.  Just think for a sec.

What would you do if you commanded the attention of ten thousand people?  How exactly would you feel knowing that so many depended on YOU?


Yes you.

You are their leader and they are looking to you for guidance, mentoring, and business counsel.

Does this now give you a different perspective?  I hope so.  Why?  Because when you get that core understanding, it will help you start focusing more on yourself.

Not in a selfish way.  But in a way that says to you "Hey, I need to be prepared for what's to come".  If you can't handle one my friend, how can you handle thousands.

Even as the scripture says, "If you're faithful over the little, He will make you ruler over much".  That's one little tiny principle that we miss. 

It's just so tempting to jump out front and tout to the top of our lungs just how many people we have on our list.  Or just how many customers we've sold products to and so forth and so on.

But fail to realize that with that amount of people, comes a huge responsibility.  Is it doable?

Sure it is.

But are you ready for it? 

With that mindset, it now makes you more patient with yourself.  It allows you to grow along with you audience that you're growing.

When you get ONE to follow you, celebrate.  But after you get that one, do everything in your power to treat them as gold.

They are to be protected, loved, appreciated, respected and so on.  The main ingredient is LOVE.

When you love them, you will NEVER do them harm.  When you love them, you will look out for what's in their best interest.

Oh and check this out. 

Even if it means that you LOSE a sale so that they can benefit from someone else.

Now that's really thinking about your customer more than yourself for sure.

How many will actually do that?  Hold up, don't raise your hand.  Think about it for a sec.  Would you?

I mean here it is you're staring at a $97 dollar sale that is within your reach and you say, hey Mr or Mrs Customer, I think it's best that you not buy from me today.  Your best bet is to get the product from Mr. Competition simply because they are going to put you in a much better position long term.

Moreso than I am.

Can you see  yourself doing that? 

If you would exercise that type of behavior,  my goodness, you're talking about taking your credibility and trust factor through the roof.

Isn't that what you want?  Of course it is. 

Sacrifice your short term gains, for long term relationships of those who will buy from you simply because YOU have their best interest at heart.

They will now trust you to the moon and back.  That now have seen a display of love and concern for them that they've never witness from any other marketer.

You are now the MAN or the Woman that is considered their go to person. 

Enjoy that.  But remember, you should still be focusing on building YOU INC.

Constantly and persistently work on yourself to be prepared for a greater influence.  To prepare for the others that are soon to follow.

It started out with one and that's powerful.  But, you can't stop there.  Build your audience into the hundreds and then the thousands.

Then it won't be such a huge leadership letdown simply because you've learned the principle of the power of ONE.

If you can take care of one, you can take care of two.  If you can take care of two, you can take care of ten. 

You see the pattern?

​So don't despise small beginnings. Every building starting with one tiny brick.

til next time,


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Jerry Handy

Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

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