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7 List Building Tips That Will Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business Faster

List Building is an art in an of itself and it's not as cut and dried as some would make it out to be.

How do we know that? 

Let's look at it from this angle for a brief second. 

I'm going to share with you seven list building tips that will help you in your business in the coming weeks, months, and even years.

You're into affiliate marketing in the online space and one of the biggest things that most of the gurus teach you is "to build a list".

Building a list can and will be an asset for you for years to come.  It will be the glue that keeps your business together and prevent you from going down the same path that most failed businesses have went because they did not employ this technique.


But how do you do it and what are some tips that will help me do that?

Those are valid questions, and one in which we will tackle in this post today.

First off, it goes without saying that you must ensure that when you attempt to build your list, you obviously can't just have anyone on it.

Your list must consist of a targeted segment of the online or offline world.  Individuals who are perfect candidates for what your product, service, or opportunity can serve.

​You've been able to narrow these people down because you've followed a previous post of ours where we taught you about doing proper market research.

By doing the proper research, you will guarantee that the efforts you are putting forth will not be put forth in vain.  The people being attracted to your site will be those in which you have the potential to help.

If you don't have what they need there is no way that you'll be able to get them on your list.

Pro Tip:  Reaching Your target market is vital to having an opportunity to get them on your list.


Focus On Your Laser Targeted Market

Your most important and primary objective is to reach these people only.

It goes without saying that if you are wanting to have any type of success in your business and have an opportunity to build your list, this step bears repeating at nausea.

As I may have mentioned before, most marketers are so anxious to get things going and fail to do the most important part. 

The market.

Just remember that everyone doesn't want what you have and if they don't want it you're never going to resonate with them. 

No matter how hard you try. 

Laser Targeted

Perfect Audience


Create The Appropriate Lead Magnet

The goal is to scratch the itch of your market with this product

Your market is facing many problems or issues in their business and your next goal is to put your solution in front of them. 

It can't be one that that have to pay for initially.  You should make it a FREE item that is of high value and exposes them to your brand. 

It will serve as an opportunity for you to get in the door and present yourself in the best light through product or free offer.

If you think about this step, it will most likely lower the resistance barrier for them and make them more comfortable giving you their contact details. 

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to online marketing and building a list is the fear that your potential prospect has

Pro Tip:  Everyone loves FREE stuff, so keep it a part of your longterm list building strategy.

You don't have to spend a lot of time creating this product.  Just do the best you can to know exactly what your market faces and what you could do to help them.  The more in tune you are with them, the better chance you'll have to put the right FREE offer in front of them.

For you that are new, your goal should be to focus on one offer initially.  Afterwards once you're a little more comfortable with the creation process, you can venture out and start doing split test of different offers.

Your goal with this process is to boost your optin conversion rates.  In other words, OPTIMIZE your offer to get more people on your list.


Premium Landing Page

Getting a highly optimized and proven converting landing page is key.

When I say proven optimized landing page that converts may be an understatement.  There are plenty of free software programs out there that will allow you to create landing pages.

But.....will they convert?

That's the million dollar question that you need to ask yourself. 

When it comes to online marketing and starting your own business, your goal is to be as cost effective as possible.  One of the things you can do is use free platforms and I get that, but do you want it to be at the cost of building your business longterm?

Absolutely not. 

That's the reason that you can't pinch pennies here.  Just what if you're able to get an additional 15% more conversions because you were able to choose a premium landing page software that will present your offer in a better light?

Would it be worth it?  Again....absolutely!

That's what you are setting yourself up for when you go this route.  So just go ahead and do the right thing up front.  It's an investment in your business that will reward you down the road as you will have more people to follow up on the back end (more on that later)

Top Recommended Landing Page Resources


Persuasive Copy That Converts

One of the most important topics that marketers don't talk about.

What does that mean?  It requires that you write words that will move your prospect to action. 

It gets them to cross the line and give you their contact details simply because you know how to WRITE DIRECTLY TO THEIR PAIN OR PROBLEM.

One of the benefits of doing market research for your audience is doing what they call creating empathy maps.

Source:  youtube.com

By doing an empathy map, you've placed yourself head and shoulders above your competition and dialed in to exactly what they need your help with.

Therefore when you're writing your copy on your landing page, they will think that you understand them.  They will feel that you're speaking directly to them (which you are).


Because you've studied them and have a full grasp of what they are scanning the internet for. 

Talking about being persuasive.  You can't get more compelling than that and that will ensure that your conversions will skyrocket.


Ask For The Least Amount of Information

Your prospect or web visitor hasn't fully trusted you just yet.

Internet marketing has been around for quite a while.  Especially in the world of affiliate marketing.  Your web visitors that you're looking to convert and get them on your list has been around the block a bit.

They understand that most of the processes in the online world are automated.  They do also understand that you're not sitting there everyday writing out emails directly addressed to them in your follow ups.  (More on that later)

Why do I say this?  Because some marketers have a tendency to ask their web visitor for too much contact information on their landing page.

They want their Name, Email Address, Phone Number, City and State....etc.

That's just too much.  As a matter of fact, that's way too much information and even I personally wouldn't want to give you that.

Why would I and I don't even know who you are.  Remember I said that people are fearful and have a wall of resistance that needs to come down FIRST.

You've already gotten their attention by being empathetic to their situation.  Now it's time to make the cross over connection and close the first deal (get the opt in to build your list). 

But be careful and not go overboard in this step. 

Example [2 Step] Lead Capture Landing Page

(but on click it only request the visitor's email address)

struggling online

You can have the nicest, most highest converting premium landing page, but if you go for the excessive data dive now, you're sure to drown and end up with nothing.

So what should you ask for? 

Do you remember this acronym?  KISS.

Yes?  Good.  That's exactly what you need to do.

Keep IT SIMPLE STUPID. *I'm not calling you stupid, it's just a figure of speech.

Just ask for the least amount of information possible and that's their email address.

In some instances you may need their name if you're attempting to build a list for a webinar or something similar, but in this case you only need the email address.

The reason most marketers won't to collect the site visitors name is because that want to personalize the email follow up process.  That's cool and all, but you'll have time later to do that.  Just get the "action".

You don't necessarily need their name right now as you're just now starting to build that relationship.  There will be plenty of opportunities at a later time.

It's been proven to boost your opt in conversion rates another 20% or more when you only request email address.

Pro Tip:  Inform your visitor that you will not rent, sell, spam, or abuse their contact information


Personally Brand Your Thank You Pages

This is your first opportunity to expose them to your brand.

Typically, you will see most marketers go right for the kill on this page.  In other words, they may tend to use their redirect page (used immediately after they collect the lead) to offer a ONE TIME OFFER.

This is not a bad idea if you're using the likes of paid advertising to get traffic to your site.  But if you're a content marketer and your strategy has been blogging based on key word research or search engine optimization, not so much.

There is nothing wrong with linking out afterwards, but primarily you need to share your brand with them on this page. 

It could include a video of you thanking them for their interest in the lead magnet you've offered.  Also it's an opportunity for you to give them instructions on what to expect in the next few minutes that's coming to their inbox.

Some marketers use this as a moment to set expectations for your new subscriber.  Expectations like the amount of times they will get an email from you or even white listing their email address so that they don't miss out on your updates.

You can also remind them to OPEN YOUR EMAILS when they receive them.  It's just so many things you can say in the video, but don't over do it and make it long.  Keep it under 3 minutes if possible.

Example Thank You Page:

list building tips

The shorter the better as most people won't give you too much time here.  As I mentioned your primary goal is to put a face to the offer and mention your name so that they won't be surprised when they get an email from you.

If you choose to go the opposite direction and don't brand yourself, you stand the risk of having extremely low open rates of your emails because the visitor never had a chance to know who you were.

Pro Tip:  Your brand is all you have online and the more exposure of it, the better your chances are of building a long term business.

Not only will your brand be seen here, it can also be used across all of your social media channels as well.  Just be sure that you are consistent with how you use it.  Don't use one logo here on your site and then elsewhere attempt to use others.

The average exposure of your brand is around seven to ten times.  When your prospects see you around the web, it's easier for them to see you as a trustworthy marketer and business person.


Practice Proper Onboarding and Indoctrination

Further expose your brand to your clients and customers by letting them in your world.

Having an individual on your opt in list is one thing, but it doesn't stop there.  That was the easy part in most cases.

The hard part is continuing to connect with them on a much deeper level.  Again, you're still trying to build a relationship with them so that they are around for the long haul. 

One of the quickest ways that you can run them off or should I say they unsubscribe from your list is that you start pounding them with offer after offer.

That's when proper onboarding and indoctrination comes in

What exactly is onboarding and indoctrination?

It's a fancy word for a welcome series.  This series should include stuff that will allow them into your world a little.  It could be videos of you and your family, pictures, trips, vacations, etc. 

Just a way for them to see you in a different light and make you more human as well as personable.  You're not just a web page or offer that will help them but a real person who can relate to them.

This series can be done over the course of four to seven days.  It's a moment in time where you can send them back to your blog site or website and share other pertinent information or educational material that can help them even further.

The idea is to always create a value proposition for your end user.  Once they see the value you have to offer them and it's not about YOU, the guard or resistance they have of you is lowered even further. 

Always keep them in mind as this is why you're in business and the very reason you created your empathy map.

Also as we mentioned earlier, the only way that you can continue to follow up with them is that you have in your arsenal a very important tool.

This tool is an absolute must have when it comes to online marketing.  You can't run an online business successfully without it.

If you don't have an autoresponder, you need to secure this asset now.

It will help you automate your business even further and will be a 24 hour per day lead gathering machine for you.

Recommended Autoresponder Services

Want 3 Additional Tips For Building Your List?

The Conclusion

Building your list will be one of the most critical aspects of your online business.  What it does is allow you continued access to your target market at a more intimate level.

With your opt in list, you can further reach out to your audience unlike anything else in the offline world.  With your autoresponder, you can schedule broadcast at a later time to go out on specific dates.

You can sift and sort based upon certain interest that they have.  Your list may not all be interested in one particular thing, so it will be important for you to engage in segmenting them. 

This is something that most won't do and therefore burn their list by pushing stuff to them that they are uninterested in. 

It's not a one size fits all kinda thing guys.  Be smart and treat your business right and it will reward you for years to come.

These are list building tips that are time tested and will work throughout infinity.  The bottom line is people are very predictable based on past activities.  

Learn from the mistakes of those that have gone before you and DO WHAT HAS BEEN PROVEN. 

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Jerry Handy

Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

  • David A Rhodes says:

    Excellent post. A little bit long but I am happy to bookmark to keep coming bavk as you mentioned in your post, write like you understand. That is exactly the feeling I get when reading here. I feel that you’re speaking directly to me.
    I did bookmark and will be taking action on your most valuable tips. God bless.
    Sincerely david

    • Jerry Handy says:

      That’s awesome David. My goal is to empower any entrepreneur who has the desire to grow their business. That should be your objective as well when communicating with your readers.

      Bless you my brother.

  • Hi Jerry and thanks for sharing your expertise about such an important topic for every online marketer.

    You make an interesting point about having a laser targeted focus on our target audience but for many new (and not so new) internet marketers, apart from trying to bdefine exactly who their target market is, they are then faced with the dilemna of finding where they hang out. Without this knowledge thier list building efforts will be completely wasted.

    No benefit in creating an email list that does not relate to what you have bto offer. In fact I see way too many internet marketers building thier list with paid traffic methods like solo ads but then discovering that they have an almost “dead list” as far as responsiveness is concerned.

    One thing I have found that asking for the email address only gets a bigger optin rate but not necessarily a better quality subscriber.

    By asking for their first name at least enables some initial relationship building to occur especially in what you refer to as the “welcome series”

    Re thank you pages I have found that by adding a welcome video on that page that reinforces what they just opted in for plus telling them what you have planned and why they should be opening your emails, has greatly improved my email open and CTR’s

    Many thanks again for sharing this Jerry as list building is, and always will be, the backbone of any online business.

    Best wishes as always from a remote Thai village entrepreneur


    • Jerry Handy says:

      Peter one thing you can test for the paid traffic route is to do a double confirmation. It yields a lower conversion rate but a much more responsive list.

      These people actually want to be there on your list.

      As to the dead list that some have that is not a good situation to have from a delivery standpoint. In other words your delivery rates will go down.

      If you find yourself in this situation it would do you good to purge your list of subscribers who are older than six months or less who haven’t opened your emails.

      They are doing them no favor and neither are they doing you any. As a matter of fact it’s costing you more money by them sitting there.

  • luke corden says:

    Excellent post Jerry and a very useful resource for anyone starting out building their list “the right way”… good to see the empathy map in there too. I find the empathy map always makes the avatar far more flesh and bone. Good stuff.

  • Michael Schure says:

    This is a comprehensive post, Jerry.

    Regarding laser targeting, I’m a newbie on the block. And speaking for myself, it’s instinctual/survival to go the shotgun approach. Particularly when needing money is a big issue. Being on a shoestring has a huge bearing on what’s affordable to implement.

    But, starting somewhere, is a start. And this post is a good resource.

    Particularly with the bombardment of information, solid information calms the nerves.

    Thanks, Michael.

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