Making Steady Progress -

Making Steady Progress

It's been a few days now and we are still looking to make some huge progress with conversions and I gotta admit, it's been better.  It's not what I thought, but here is just a little update.

Remember when I said that I wanted to get those split test done on my new iStartup capture page?  Well, I got a little bit of good news to share with you.  Below you will see a snap shot of the first capture page that I created for the iStartup Membership Program.  It was a total shot in the dark and I didn't have a clue as to how it would turn out. 

As I've always said, testing is the name of the game when it comes to marketing.  Just think about it guys.  How do you think the great copywriters became great at what they do?  It's one word.  Experience.  They have had an opportunity to experience or test on a number of occasions and found out which "words" worked and which ones didn't.  It's not rocket science here, just testing.  As you can see, my first test as mentioned came out pretty good at 35.86% opt in rate which is totally awesome for me considering I didn't have a clue when I kicked this thing off.

I was looking for examples of how to structure the copy from others and didn't find any.  Not one!  So, off I went into the world of the creative and pulled this one out of thin air.  Honestly and walah!  There you have it.  See the results below....


iStartup Capture Page #1 Control

Click Below to see actual results.....

Nice results huh?  As I said, that was totally from scratch and not having a clue but just doing a little testing.  Since they came out so well, as I mentioned in previous post, I wanted to do a little split testing to see if I could improve upon my original "control" capture page.  So, I set out to do just that. 

I made a slight change in the wording and added a little twist to it to see if I could get close to 40% or higher.  My intent was to key in a little more on what my potential subscribers could be looking for and that is making money online.  So,  I adjusted my copy just enough to focus in on just that and how this membership training program could help solve that problem or at least educated them in that area. 

The other thing I wanted to ensure them was that they didn't have to pull out their credit card which in my opinion is a big plus.  One of the biggest things you have to get over when marketing online is skepticism and distrust.  If you're always wanting others to buy something from you and they have yet to even know who you are, it's sometimes a long drawn out process to making that happen.

As we've said on numerous occasions that people do business with those that they know, like, and trust.  What's the message?  You should attempt to build a relationship with your prospects first.  There may not even be a fit between the two unless they first get an opportunity to know more about you and how you can help them. 

Below you will find the "variation" version of my iStartup capture page that yielding a whopping 39.81% conversion, which is right at an additional 5% more opt ins than previously.

iStartup Capture Page #2 Variance

I believe the biggest change was that I was focusing on how they could actually start making money on the internet and the "NO Credit Card Required" text inserted in red.  That made a huge impact on the potential subscriber and allowed them to take their defensive guards down.  Can I verify that?  Sure I can.  The numbers don't lie. 

Understand that when you're trying to collect contact details, most marketers only ask for the email address.  Since this is a membership site, it only makes sense to request the person's name.  Right?  Most marketers will tell you that your conversions will suffer because of it and to some degree I agree.  But I believe it all depends on what it is that you are offering.

When you go from 35.86% to 39.81% opt in rate, that's an additional 5 leads in every 100 that you generate.  That could potentially be $15 per mo on average that you could be generating in revenue on a monthly basis. 

*Standing rule indicates that you should be able to make at least $3 per lead you have on a monthly basis therefore the logic behind that metric. 

Click below to see the actual results of that campaign stat sheet.  I chose to go with a different solo ad vendor just to see how consistent the page was going to be across other traffic sources.

One of the biggest things for me developing this site was to ensure that those who opted in to my list, I could inevitably start to build a relationship with them.  As I mentioned before, I just didn't want them to buy something from me and then off to the races they go. The objective is to have a longstanding relationship to where I could really bring the value necessary in their lives to help them accomplish some of their desires. 

As you can see this blog is entitled "Empowering Entrepreneurs through Education" right?  That's the whole goal with this set up.  The more I can build those who were in the same place that I was in, the more successful I can become. 

I"ve always mentioned that if you help others get to the places that they want to get to in life, by default, you get yours.  It's a "give and you shall receive " world when it comes to true online marketing.  I'm not saying that everything you do will be free either.  At some point, you will be compensated for your efforts, but that shouldn't be the main objective to your agenda. 

In saying all of that, I just want to share a little of the feedback that I've received over the last few days or weeks from some of those that have joined my list.  They are at different stages in their business, but at the same time, they still are looking for solutions in their lives.  Take a look below.....


Hello Jerry!

I would love to learn how to make money online, but I simply do not have any money to invest to get started.

Thank you and God Bless,

Chris E.

Chris E

what exactly am i registering for?
is this the lead in for ipro?

i have been online about 6 years..and built a 19000+
GDI downline...I am looking to add to my income streams.

I saw your testimonial..where you lead traffic to the sales funnel
and the rest is auto as far as making sales...
is this all that is needed...or do you need to followup,
make phone calls,etc?
What are the costs to get started..and what are the commissions.

Any idea on # opt ins to make a sale?

What type ads do you use..solo? other?

Thanks for your help.

Stan T.

Pretty cool right?  I get a number of request via my "contact me" form at the top of this blog on occasions.  Some people are just getting started and some are  a little more advanced, but have yet to make any significant income online.  I can relate simply because just a short while ago, I was one of them. 

I struggled for a number of years and spent literally thousands of dollars trying to learn this stuff until I came across a system and program that in my opinion is a pretty serious way to make real money on the internet. It has the potential to shortcut your way to a very significant income in a matter of months rather than years as a number of people are starting to see.

But, that's not the purpose of this post.  If you want to find out more about that, I've written extensively about it throughout my blog.  I'll add this though.  I'm not one to hype things up.  I believe that if you do your due diligence, in time you'll find out the real truth anyways...right?  Yep, that's the truth.

All in all, progress is progress and I am liking what I am seeing thus far.  My next course of action would be to see how I can optimize the now new "control" page which is the "variance" capture page, since it outdone my original "control" page.  One of the beautiful things about split testing is that I can simultaneously make this happen with the rotator software than I'm using. 

How do you do it?  For those who are just getting started in online marketing, I'll try and explain that in a little more detail in my next post.  Stay tuned!

If you've gotten anything from this post, please do leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  You never know who you're helping when you do that.  I do make it a point to respond to all comments left. 



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Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

  • Al Green says:

    Glad to see you’re still working and tweaking things. This game is all about perserverance and finding out what works.

    Keep it up and you’ll surely hit paydirt.

    Al Green

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