Mastermind Groups? How Effective Are They? -

Mastermind Groups? How Effective Are They?


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Have you ever heard of a mastermind group?  It's not something that is brand new.  They have actually been around for a long time.

I just recently came across a few of them and I gotta tell you, it was an eye opener for me.  I say recently because I've never really give a whole lot of thought to the power of how they can impact your business.

As I've probably said on a number of occasions, that running an internet business can be a little awkward and lonely sometimes.


But when you can find like minded entrepreneurs running in the same direction, it makes it a little more tolerable.

At least in the short term that is.

Understand this.  When you have a huge goal in front of you like losing a few pounds, do you think that you find a little more motivation when there is a group that is working towards similar goals?

Especially if there is an accountability factor in place.  Maybe each week, everyone that is a part of the group has a little bit of explaining to do. 

In the sense of "exactly how many pounds have you lost this week"?  When they get on that scale, the real truth is told in comparison to previous weigh ins.

It's the same thing online.  When you have a mastermind group that you've joined who gets together on a regular basis, it puts you in a position of more power.

Power from the standpoint of motivation as well as accountability.  You also can bounce ideas off of each other as to how everyone is making progress or lack there of.

You share ideas of what's working vs what is not working and therefore positions you to get to success a lot quicker.

Why is that?

Because your mastermind group has showed you what doesn't work and you've done the same for them.

It's also where creativity is sparked. 

Have you ever heard the phrase that two are better than one?  If that's the case then five or ten is better than one.

It's a collection of creative brainstorming and masterminding that will propel you into the stratosphere.

I learned this as I mentioned just a short while ago and all I can say is if you haven't joined one, you sure really consider it as a part of your long term strategy. 

It may not be a group that you're with forever, but it can be the launching pad for bigger and better things for you.

But I must caution you.  Not just any mastermind group will do.  Make sure that you find one that is relevant and congruent to your niche. 

People who are involved in internet marketing definitely shouldn't be involved with groups that are a part of "gaming and electronics". 

The niche just don't fit. 

Be targeted and specific. 

When you do that you're more likely to stay focused on the mission at hand.  You'll see things start blossoming right before your eyes sooner rather than later.

til next time,


Jerry Handy

Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

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