Online Business Challenge-DAY 100 -

Online Business Challenge-DAY 100


of the 100 Day Challenge

No need to elaborate on this one very much.  We did it!

We have come to the end of this challenge and wow, it was amazing.  Just to hear the feedback, comments, facebook private messages, emails, etc. coming from everyone is a huge encouragement.


I gotta be totally transparent though.  This indeed was a challenge, BUT it has taught me some very valuable lessons.

More so about myself than anything else.  It showed me that I was packing huge value and some amazing insights into the online marketing world.

I don't claim to be a GURU, but I do know what it takes to run a successful online business.  I do understand that at the end of the day in any business it boils down to this one thing.....


That is the name of the game.

The quicker you grasp that part of the puzzle it's a home run for you.  You will be successful because you have the people's best interest at heart.

Never attempt to manipulate or use methods that attempt to trick people into getting what you want. 

You'll be found out really quick.  Especially on the internet. 

News travel fast.....

But on the flip side, when you do right by people, that news travels just as fast and before long, you'll have a huge following of raving fans.

That is and was one of the biggest lessons that I've learned.

People first. 

Love them.  Help them.  Empower them.  Change their lives and your life will be changed.

Enjoy the video above and I look forward to mixing it up for you in the coming days ahead. 

We're about to take things to a whole new level.  ​

God richly bless you my friend,


P.S.-  We would love to hear from you.  Give us your thoughts on the challenge.  What is it that you're doing to move your business forward this year? 

Jerry Handy

Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

  • Hi Jerry.

    Congrats on reaching your goal. I will have to look back at all of them and learn from them. Keep up giving out the valuable info for everyone to enjoy.

    Talk to you soon……Chris

  • Hey Jerry,

    Huge congrats to you for accomplishing your challenge! As I’m sure you’ll remember, we tried something similar around two years back and many of us struggled with it, myself included! But perhaps it’s because it wasn’t approached with the right mindset, I dunno. As you say, it needs to be all about people and how we can help them and empower them. If we treat that as more of a ‘side issue’ then I think we’ll find the whole process more difficult.

    Onwards and upwards, my man! Keep on delivering the goods and I look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve next! 😉


    • Jerry Handy says:

      Yes we did Glenn. It was a sixty day challenge but it turned out to be a weekly posting. You’re probably right, we went into it with the wrong mindset.

      But hey that’s history and a big learning phase. On to bigger and better things.


  • Linda Schrier says:

    Hi Jerry,

    What an accomplishment you made with your 100 day challenge. I learned a lot from you and I thank you for that.

    I can’t believe it’s over already when it seems like it just began.

    I didn’t save all of the 100 days, but I saved a lot to go over at a later date.

    Hats off to you and thank you for sharing with each and everyone of us your knowledge and wisdom.

    You have a wonderful week,


  • Richard Burn says:

    Hey Jerry, What can I say just a massive Congratulations to you buddy, it’s great to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Will be a great challenge for all of us to do and as you said in the video you find yourself doing something everyday not to mention the impact it has over time the people that are following you and sending message will be a on going basis from now, just from lot of work you have put in! I’m sure you have learnt so much and there is plenty more to learn too!

    Keep it going mate!

    Rich 🙂

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