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Quick Start Challenge-Final Update

Ok guys and gals, it’s the end of our challenge.  It’s been a lot of fun for all of us in the group.  We collectively learned a lot about our business and ourselves.  For me, the biggest lesson that I learned could be summed up in one word.  CONSISTENCY!  Let me say that loud and clear for you again.  CONSISTENCY  is the key for your success especially when you’re starting out.  I didn’t really understand that until I got into some days that I couldn’t get some of my traffic generation strategies done.  Below is a quick run down on how my actual traffic was during the last three months.

  • March –883 unique visitors
  • April   – 760 unique visitors
  • May    – 418 unique visitors–so far this month

That’s a total of about 2061 visitors which isn’t too bad, but it could have been much more than that.  There were days where I had a huge responsibility on my shoulders dealing with some ministry stuff.  It took a lot of time which looking back, it was more of a priority for me to handle that, than my own business.  I know that I will be blessed for that, so it’s all good.  I have a couple of weeks left on that project and I will have a lot more time to kick things into a higher gear.

On average according to my google analytics stats, most visitors visit at least 2.5 pages each visit and stay on my site about 5 minutes.  The stat that is most intriguing is my bounce rate.  That basically is telling me out of the amount of people that are coming on my site, overall how quickly do they leave.  It’s sitting at about 44.32 right now, so I got some work to do on that.  Overall, I’m not as disappointed as I should be because I know what I need to do to get those numbers up.  If you really think about it, my main content was giving updates on the challenge and not really content that was beneficial to the actual reader.  It’s cool that others would like to keep up with you, but ultimately, you want to be able to provide quality content that can help your visitors with issues that they may be dealing with in their business.

Now if they don’t have  business, there is an opportunity for you to share ways that they can get started.  That was one of the reasons I started this blog because it would give me an opportunity to educate others who were just starting out online and didn’t understand how all of this stuff worked.  I struggled big time and spent a lot of money trying all of these things to get a good grip on it, and I would say that all was not lost.  My experience will be valuable to them and that is my intention.

Now as far as sales are concerned, I was able to generate 1 sale through that time period.  I know that some wouldn’t report such dismal results, but the truth is always the best policy.  That’s one thing that I have always expressed to new marketers is to be honest about how you are actually doing.  That my friend is a very attractive characteristic to your success in business.  If people know that they can trust you, that’s part of the (know, like, and trust) equation.  You’re gaining ground and building much needed credibility.

I’m sure there is a metric in there somewhere that tells me that if I get (x) number of visitors to my site, then I should be able to generate (x) number of sales, but I haven’t dug into that stat just yet.  My primary goal was to just be consistent as best as I could with my site.  I know one of the benefits of doing that is that you are building a habit that will help to shape how you grow your business from day to day.  As I said before, the content wasn’t what I would have liked for it to be and therefore, I’m cool with it.

Once we get back in the groove of writing for our readers, then those sales will increase as well as my list building efforts.  How might you ask?  Because as I continue to visit niche related blogs and websites, I will share content that is helpful there and more than likely, that will trigger an inkling to visit my site.  When they do, the site is positioned to be monetized by the banners you see on the left side bar.  Not only that, but when you visit this site, within a few seconds my light box banner will appear and share an advertisement for our business.  The lighbox banner is only triggered every seven days as to not annoy my visitors.  I do understand that they can do that to some people, but hey that’s marketing and most of the top marketers are utilizing it.

During this time, I have had an opportunity to visit a lot of blogs and learned some very valuable information by doing so.  It’s amazing how the blog hopping and commenting can really boost your visitor traffic.  The whole concept of giving before you receive is definitely applicable to online attraction marketing.  When you share value with others, they will return the favor which is a pretty cool concept.  The biggest thing to me is not so much that I’m trying to get better rankings in the search engines by getting a lot of back links, but actual social proof.

When others come to visit your blog that may not be from your normal marketing circles, those comments and interaction will provide the social proof that you need and will help to minimize some degree of skepticism from your visitor.  You’ve probably heard it said before that you want your visitors to get to know like and TRUST you.  Trust is a vital component in the online world and when your visitors see that interaction and feedback, that helps them grow closer to you and they will let their guards down more.  I realize that most marketers are going for the front page of Google by spreading a lot of backlinks on these blogs by leaving their website or blog address, but that’s on the bottom of the priority list for me.  Now if my site gets on the front page, that’s fine with me, but it’s not my goal.

By utilizing this traffic generating strategy, I have found a lot of good people doing some great things.  It is by far one of my favorite methods and it is one that I will continue to do for sure.  It to me was a little more sociable than forum marketing, although forum marketing brought greater results.  Yep,  that technique was responsible for over 30% of my visitor traffic.  That Warrior Forum is huge and when you find the right threads and bring real solutions to them, people will seek you out.  Some of it could be out of curiosity, but for sure some of it is just to seek you out for additional information.  You can see that stat in your Google Analytics.  It will tell you how long they were there and which pages they visited.

So, that’s pretty much sums up my challenge and how it went for me.  There were no other techniques I used because I believe as one of my mentors says, that if you focus on one or two strategies and perfect them (get results), then you can move on to other ones.  These absolutely do get results and that’s why I stuck it out to the end.  Now I gotta say this for clarity.  There is no such thing as FREE traffic for the record.  It will and is going to cost you your time.  How much is your time worth?  Fifteen, twenty, thirty dollars an hour.  I don’t know, but when you multiply that by the number of hours you spend generating traffic, it may make sense for you to pay for your traffic.  That’s going to be totally up to you.  I for one will utilize both paid and “free” methods going forward and I’ll be sure to let you know how it continues to go.

If this has helped you in any way, please leave your feedback or comments.  I know this post was the absolute longest that I’ve ever done, but it was necessary to give you the full view of how I felt about this challenge.  Thanks for reading.

Richest Regards,

Jerry Handy Sr.





Jerry Handy

Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

  • Hey Jerry,

    Well done for giving the challenge a go and for sticking with it! It’s a shame that our results aren’t as good as we’d hoped, but as you say, we’ve still been able to get a lot out of it.

    Keep up the great work, buddy, we’ll rock this for sure!

    Glenn 🙂

    • Glenn, I gave it as much as I could. There were times when I couldn’t get some things taken care of, but at the end of the day, I learned a whole lot. I know things will improve and get better for the both of us over time. So, I’m encouraged and looking forward to big things over the coming months. Thanks for stopping by again.

  • John Brewer says:

    Jerry my man,

    Awesome post. I want to commend you on your integrity. Most people don’t want to show the lack of sales because they think it might make them look bad. My take on it is this…if you are willing to lie to the person reading your blog…what is to stop you from lying to them in your sales funnel? Or in your products? In the long run, you will ultimately kill your business. Thank you for that.

    I will also say that I got a slap in the face from this post…the word “CONSISTENCY”. The reason I say a slap in the face is because that is my weak spot. I know what I need to do but I struggle in doing the same thing day in and day out. Well, I am working on it and moving forward with it.

    Well, back to the grind stone. Just a heads up…I am adding a new section to my blog. I stumbled across a product creation challenge and I have joined. So I am going to blogging on my efforts there.

    Got a question for ya Jerry…I am getting people doing one liners on my blog and the ping back is to a youtube video and they don’t give their name or face….do you deny those or what. They are not providing any value to my visitors at all. What do you do in this instance??

    Thanks again and LET’S RIDE!!!


    • John does it look like they actually read your post? Is it relative to what you are talking about in your content ? If not then I wouldn’t approve it. Sometimes if you don’t have askimet installed, you will get a lot of spam comments. Those are done by some automated blog commenting software that target WordPress blogs. Oh and thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

      • John Brewer says:

        Thanks…have you had a chance to review my latest post? I appreciate the feedback from you and others. I now have two people from MWA commenting on my blog…it is exciting.

        I was looking at my Analytics and I have had 66 visitors to my blog since May 1st…the funny thing is that 22 of those visits are myself trying to see how the blog looks. Every time I go out of the back-end to check the front-end, it pings me. It is funny but still…44 visitors in 14 days is more than I have had in the last 2 years. Well…thanks again for your help.

        Let’s Ride!


        • Yes John I did check it out. I was looking for those one liners and I guess they haven’t been approved by you. I just saw ben’s and mine. Let me jump over there again.

          • John Brewer says:

            Hey Jerry,

            I did not approve the one liners. I didn’t want to approve them if you said not to. I waited for your response. I did send an email to one of them letting them know that I would gladly offer a backlink for a quality comment. No response back from them. I also found something I think you might want but you will have to decide. Check out the new post and let me know what you think.

            Thanks and Let’s Ride!


          • Cool. I’ll check it out man. Nice work on taking consistent action. That’s one of the key ingredients for long term success.

  • Ben Solomon says:

    Hey Jerry,

    Nice to read of your journey so far. It can be really hard adding IM as a part-time thing to our already fairly busy lives, but I see you’ve progressed very well.

    Consistency is what I’m struggling with big time, as I’ve always been a disorganised person. Working hard on getting organised, and got a lot out of F2B in MWA. I actually watched that whole module twice. 🙂

    Will keep visiting to see how you progress and also will catch you in the MWA forums. 🙂

    • Ben, that’s awesome bro. That first module is a game changer and was worth every penny you invested. I learned a tremendous amount from that lesson and would highly recommend it to every marketer. In regards to being consistent, don’t beat yourself up over that. We all have been down that road and it takes a clear vision out front to help erase those bad habits. Once you know where you’re going, it helps to stay focused and be consistent. Thanks man for stopping by.

  • Dita says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Congratulations on completing the challenge! Well done. But I know what you mean only sticking to the free traffic methods. They really are not free because they take a long time and the time is worth money.

    I am curious to see which paid traffic methods you are going to use. I look forward reading about them when you are ready to share.

    All the best,


    • Absolutely Dita. I will definitely give everyone a breakdown on how it’s going and exactly what I used to generate the traffic and sales for sure. The bottom line for me is results and a lot of them. Congrats on your success with the challenge and looking forward to you posting some even greater accomplishments. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  • Chetz Togom says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Congratulations for finishing the challenge. Many people would have just stopped early or in the middle if they don’t see any progress like making them money.

    Making money online definitely need consistency and PATIENCE. A lot of people expecting making money fast. You won’t achieve that especially if your are BLOGGING! LOL!

    But if you’re consistent, surely you’ll get there. Just look at Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.

    Keep it up man. See ya at the top!


  • Neamat Tawadrous says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Great update on the challenge. Congratulations on committing and finishing it.

    Indeed, consistency is key here. Consistency is a leadership quality and it always wins. I also liked your honesty about the lack of sales and you were not trying to make anything up.

    Nice to see the action you have taken with this challenge. I’m sure you’ve learnt valuable lessons which are priceless and will help you down the road to improve your blog and your following. This is success on its own.

    Thanks Jerry for sharing your experience with all of us. Have a nice rest of the week.

    Be Blessed,


    • Awesome Neamat and thanks for sharing. Leaders are learners and learners are leaders who take action. At the end of the day, if you never take any action how is that you will know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t get in your 60s and 70s and then say ” I wish I woulda”. By then it’s a bit late.

  • Richard Burn says:

    Hi Jerry, you’re video was one of the first I came across regarding the ipro and quick start challenge program, sure great to see someone like many of us been trying online for many year start having success. It’s just goes to show if we follow a mentor and a proven system we can have great results, Thanks for inspiring us all, there will be many more success stories because of you’re video and great blog content!

    Many Thanks,

    Rich 🙂

    • Thanks Rich my man. It’s been a long time for me in trying to make an online income but it definitely started happening for me when I joined the ipro program. Keep plugging away mate and driving that traffic and it will happen for you real soon especially with the new front end offer around the corner.


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