Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs: An In Depth Look -

Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs: An In Depth Look

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money online. While most bloggers and social media promoters rely on pay per click advertising already, affiliate marketing gives you more flexibility than a typical ad.

Instead of hoping that your advertisement is appealing to your audience, you have the power to select items that you know will go over well. You can also select items or services that you are confident in, rather than displaying ads based on a user’s browser history.

If you're struggling to make money online, affiliate marketing my be your best option....

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As you explore the world of affiliate marketing in depth, you will find dozens of profitable opportunities. With a little research, you will be able to select options that change the way you think about making money.


What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a program advertisers enroll in that allows them to sell products on behalf of a company. Instead of housing or shipping products, the advertiser only has to send traffic to the company.

When this traffic results in a sale, the advertiser gets a cut of the profit.

As an affiliate marketer, your goal is to find products or services that people need and show them to those who are most likely to buy.

What are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

The biggest benefit of affiliate marketing is being able to capitalize on the growth of ecommerce without having to worry about providing the products or services themselves.

Instead of worrying about business details, you are able to focus on finding new and innovative ways to promote products.

Because of the wide variety of advertising venues and social media networks online, you will always have a place to promote. Plus, making your first ad can be as simple as writing a positive Facebook post about a product.

If you aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to choosing a product, try promoting several. As an affiliate, you are able to choose how many companies and brands to work with. This helps you to find what works and what doesn’t much quicker.

The variety of options also allows you to select things you already know will be profitable, saving you time in the long run.

Another excellent benefit is the ability to set your own hours. The Internet never sleeps, and thus your ads will to make you money all day and night.

You only need to put them up, which can be done at any time. Set your own hours and work at your own pace to break away from the traditional job routine.

Why is This a Viable Option for Newbie Marketers?

Newbie marketers love affiliate marketing for a number of reasons, but the thing that makes it stand out the most is the low-cost set up. Affiliate marketing companies don’t charge money to establish an advertiser account or get started.

Your costs occur as you discover new venues to advertise in. For example, if you choose to make a new blog for a product you found, you would need to pay for a domain name and hosting.

This is not a requirement and many people find success using venues that are free to advertise on, such as Facebook, Blogger or e-mail.

Another reason affiliate marketing is a friendly option is there is a small learning curve. Those just starting out can do what they feel comfortable with and then learn new skills as they go. Some affiliate marketing websites will even have step-by-step guides for new marketers.

This allows them to get started right away and with little investments.

Pro Tip:  Wise Entrepreneurs take the quickest route to the market.

Promoting and Advertising Products

There are several places to promote new products. Aside from creating your own blog to make money on, the two biggest ways to use affiliate marketing are social media and email.

Social sharing allows you to promote products rather quickly to friends and strangers alike. Email marketing allows you to capitalize on your existing contacts.

Social Sharing

It’s no secret that over half of all Americans are on a social network. While most of these people are on Facebook, other social networks still have billions of users that are eager to hear from you.

Twitter, the second largest social network, is full of active users from around the world. YouTube is perfect for those who want to show how to use a product or service and make highly-sharable media.

Focusing on pictures can also be a great idea when promoting products. Both Instagram and Pinterest have a growing fan-base that shouldn’t be ignored.

Simply upload interesting pictures and add a link in your description to see results. These photos can be shared on other networks too, helping you expand your reach.

One way to get the most out of social media is to advertise on multiple networks. If you are only familiar with one network when you start out, that is fine.

Learn the best ways to share product information on that network. Once you have that mastered, move on to the next network to increase you profits.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is slightly harder to break into than social media sharing. This is because you need to have a list of contacts that would be interested in the product or service that you are offering. This means building and maintaining a contact list, as well as finding new ways to gain contacts.

To get started, you need to pick the right email provider. Try one of the popular providers like Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft or Active Campaign.

Having the right provider from the start can help you save time later on. Think about the needs of your affiliate marketing campaign and explore the features of different providers.

Pro Tip:  Pick your autoresponder provider carefully.  It could cost you more money than you think.

Once you have your provider set up, you need to build your newsletter. The initial email needs to be enough to get your audience interested in the product you are promoting, but be prepared to follow up with additional emails.

Learn the best times to send your emails and how often to send them.

To see success, you cannot send too many emails. Sticking to one or two per week can help you maintain a professional appearance. You also want your emails to seem helpful, not like advertisements.

Pro Tip: Get to know what your audience likes.

This takes practice and you should be prepared to spend time finding the perfect formula.


Another way to advertise products and services is on websites. This means learning search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or SEO, affects the visability of your website on sites like Google and Yahoo.

One of the biggest factors in SEO is keywords. Carefully selecting your keywords and writing them into your content helps to bring you relevant traffic that is more likely to buy.

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to SEO, try exploring a long tail keyword that matches what you are selling. Long tail keywords are strings of multiple words that people actively search for.

For example, if the product you are selling is a pencil, a long tail keyword could be the phrase “how do you use a pencil in school.”

The content on your website could then discuss pencils, types of pencils, pencils in schools, and how to use a pencil.

Pro Tip:  Focus on buyer keywords.

Learning SEO tactics can be difficult when first starting out. This is because search engine algorithms are constantly changing and there is never a perfect formula for success. Experiment with several websites or blogs and discover what works best for your audience.

Top Five Affiliate Programs at a Glance

The amount of success you see depends on the affiliate marketing program you join. Each program has its own set of rules when it comes to advertising.

Learn about some of the top programs online and select one that works for you. Don’t be afraid to join multiple networks, as this can help you broaden your income and give you more options.

There are a number of affiliate programs on the internet, but we want to focus on these five.​

I'm sure you would agree simply because of their popularity and the brand name in most instances.​



#1 Amazon

Amazon is the largest affiliate marketing network online and offers thousands of different products. Anything found on the Amazon website can be selected and marketed. This gives you the widest range of products to promote, making it easy to find something that fits your style. The program is known for being friendly to new bloggers, offering a plug and play system that works well with Google AdSense and other forms of revenue.

The Amazon affiliate marketing program is also one of the most time-tested. It was one of the earliest programs of its nature and the longest running.

While your profit margins may be smaller on each sale, the brand recognition and wide variety can make it very profitable.

Another downside to choosing Amazon is the lack of recurring revenue. Other affiliate programs will provide advertisers with ongoing revenue when they promote subscription services.

Even if you are promoting Amazon Prime, you will receive a one-time payment. This means that you will have to continue to promote products and services in order to maintain your income.

Despite the lower profit margins, Amazon Associates is one of the most dependable networks, making it perfect for those just starting out.


  • Free To Join
  • Well known brands
  • Huge Inventory of products and services


  • Lower Commissions
  • Not all states are permitted
  • Monthly payout

What do you need to do to join?

Go to

Follow the screenshots below.

Step 1

  • Click the join free banner.
  • Follow the prompts.

Step 2

  • Click "I am a new customer"

Step 3

  • Enter your contact details and tell Amazon who to pay.
  • Select "Payee listed above"

Step 4

  • Enter your website details.  This is the site that you want to display Amazon products and services.
  • Click "Add Website".
  • Then click "Next".

Step 5

  • Seclect "No" to ensure you are not marketing to children under 13.
  • Click "Confirm and Proceed to Website Profile".

Step 6

  • Now select all information that pertains to your website.  Remember to choose your categories appropriately.

Step 7

  • Enter your telephone number
  • You will receive a call to confirm
  • Select "You agree to the terms and conditions".
  • Select "Finish".

You are now ready to start promoting the products or services that best suits your online brand.



#2 Ebay

EBay is another highly trusted ecommerce website with a lot of brand recognition. Like Amazon Associates, their program has been around for several years and can provide you with a dependable source of income.

Unlike Amazon; however, the site uses timed auctions and buy it now listings. That means that each product you choose to promote is only available for a few days and links will need to be updated more frequently.

Even if the specific item that you want to promote is no longer available, the site still helps you earn money. Every person you send to eBay will have a cookie on their computer that keeps track of what they buy, and you will receive a cut of that. One way to get around listing individual items is to install an automatic feed on your website that lists everything under a specific keyword.

Affiliate marketing using eBay is fairly easy for beginners, but it requires a little more creativity. No one wants to visit a website just to see eBay listings.

If you want to see success using the eBay affiliate program, you will need to find innovative ways to display listings and give people a reason to visit your page. It is a little more complicated than simply writing a product review.


  • Free to join.
  • Very high commissions ~70%
  • Thousands of products to choose from.
  • Direct connect through API to your website.
  • Very good commissions
  • Drive quality traffic to your links.
  • 50k categories
  • Direct pay to Paypal or preferred bank.
  • Accept many countries from around the world.
  • Detailed Reports.


  • Not all countries accepted.
  • Prices can change at no notice. 
  • Will suspend your account quickly for inappropriate behavior.

What do you need to join?

Go to

Watch This Video

  • 1.  Click on "Join Now".
  • 2.  Fill out your contact details.
  • 3.  Insert your site information.
  • 4.  Insert your preferred links and widgets on your site.
  • 5.  Drive quality traffic and make money.


iPro by Dean Holland

#3 iPro by Dean Holland

iPRO, or Internet Profits, is an affiliate program that is quickly gaining in popularity. Designed by Dean Holland, the program is often promoted as a “shortcut to six figures a year.” It is sold as a complete program, giving the user everything they need to create success. Users will get tools to create traffic and make conversions. They will also gain access to the iPRO community for additional support and have access to exclusive webinars to help them learn more about their trade.

While this may seem like the ideal work from home solution, it is one of the few that cost money to start up. The fee is small, priced at under $20 for the Elite Training Course.

This can be a great choice for beginners who need a little more help learning the ropes, but seasoned advertisers may be turned off by the extra cost.

Aside from the affiliate marketing steps being spelled out, those in the program are able to scale up their business fairly easily.

This allows them to get bigger profits and more commissions. Because you have all of the tools you need available, you will also be able to follow up with leads, rather than simply placing ads.

Most of the affiliates or partners in this program send traffic from the likes of solo ads.

Some have faster success than others, but the key for you is to treat as you would any other business.

There is always a learning process and don't expect overnight success.  That pretty much goes without saying.​


  • Great for newbie affiliate marketers
  • Big Ticket Commissions
  • Done for your sales funnels
  • Customers are yours for life
  • Recurring Income
  • Weekly Coaching and updates.
  • In Depth Coaching and Training
  • Expand your own business beyond iPro.
  • Millionaire Mentor
  • Can join for less than $50
  • Great customer support
  • Drive quality traffic to high converting system.


  • Back end products can be pricey.
  • Extended coaching fees beyond your initial cost (optional).
  • Learning curve for traffic generation.
  • Limited product funnels.
  • Initial Cost to Join

How to get started:

Go to iPro Partner Program

  • Go to the actual iPro Squeeze Page
  • Click the"Yes Send Me The Free Video"
  • Enter your email address
  • Click "Send My Video".
  • Watch the video of CEO and founder Dean Holland
  • Follow instructions at the end of the video.



#4 Clickbank

ClickBank is another large affiliate marketing program that is known for its diversity and high customer satisfaction rating. Registration is prompt and free, making it easy to capitalize if you already have experience in online marketing. Another great benefit is that payments are more frequent than other networks like Amazon or eBay.

The thing that sets ClickBank apart from other affiliate marketing programs is the attractive commission rates. Merchants set their commissions fairly high compared to other programs.

While many merchants set commissions at a standard 10-percent, it isn’t uncommon to see commissions as high as 75-percent. Ongoing income is also possible when selling subscription services.

Most of the people who use the network say that it is easy to navigate and set up. The issue is that if you are new to the affiliate marketing scene, your sales may be slow at first since you have little guidance when using ClickBank.

Persistence can really pay off; however, as the profit margins are very high.


  • High Paying Offers
  • Multiple Countries
  • Residual Income Based Products
  • Newbie Friendly
  • Non Technical


  • Highly Competitive
  • Loads of Sub Standard Products
  • Paid Traffic may not yield huge returns

How to get started:

Go to

Step 1.

  • Click "Sign up for a Clickbank Account"
  • Enter your country and contact details

Step 2.

  • Choose a "strong" password
  • Confirm your password
  • Enter your "payee name" [Who do you want them to pay]

Step 3

  • Check that you have read and understand their agreement
  • Enter the "Captcha or text given to prove you are a real person"
  • Submit your registration

Step 4

  • You're now registered as an affiliate
  • Select the products you want to promote by searching "Find Products"

Step 5

  • [Example] - List Building Course
  • Several options are found
  • Research the ones that you feel is a good fit for your market.
  • It's always a great thing to order the product yourself.
  • Tip:  That allows you to demonstrate your actual results

Watch this video below to see how to get your own hop link to promote the products of your choice.

How to pick the proper market or niche

Establishing your platform


JV Zoo

#5 JVZoo

JVZoo offers a very similar set up to ClickBank. Unlike ClickBank, vendors on JVZoo have to approve you in order for you to promote their products. Affiliates apply to individual offers and describe how they will promote their products or services. This gives vendors more control and helps to eliminate some of the competition.

The network also makes it very easy to promote products and integrates social sharing options at every opportunity. This helps to increase sales without putting forth extra effort. You also do not need to rely on third party tools to make your sales, as everything can be done quickly from JVZoo’s website.

While JVZoo is a newer affiliate marketing program, its unique style has attracted a variety of new sellers and makes it easy for advertisers to start up.


  • Higher Commissions
  • Can request instant payout from seller
  • You can sell your own products and attract other affiliates
  • Huge Inventory of products in several niches


  • Products Unknown leads to lack of trust (Branding is not great)
  • Can Lower Conversions (Sales)
  • Challenging to get your own products resold

How to get started:

Go to

  • Click the "Sign up to become an affiliate" link
  • Register for an account by filling out your details
  • Click the "Register" button
  • Confirm your phone number (You will receive an automated call)
  • Insert the 4 digit pin code you receive from the phone call
  • Then activate your account
  • Once activated, wait for a confirmation email with your login details.


Affiliate marketing can be an easy way to make money online. Even new marketers can start making a six figure income in just a few years while working at their own pace.

By learning more about the different networks that are available, you can find something that suits your sense of style. With a little effort and the right platform, the sky is truly the limit.

What are your thoughts?  What are other ways that you've been able to make money as an affiliate?  Please share your comments below.

Jerry Handy

Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

  • Hi Jerry,

    Very informative post for anyone who wants to go the affiliate route.

    To go with what you mentioned about Amazon, once you are and associate (they refer to
    affiliates as associates), you can actually create up to 100 Amazon stores at no cost.
    You can set them up to sell everything Amazon has to offer, or you can have a different
    store for any category or sub-category you choose. You will need a domain name and
    hosting if you don’t have an existing website. There are 3 ways to integrate you new
    aStore (Amazon store) to an existing website once it’s created. You can link the URL to
    your website’s menu as a “store”, embed it on a new or existing page using an inline frame,
    or integrate it using a frameset.

    I’m an Amazon associate but don’t do to much with it due to my focusing on iPro.

    Have a great week…….Chris

    • Jerry Handy says:

      The affiliate route is definitely a wiser choice for the newbie marketer. They have a better chance to leverage what is already working for so many. There primary goal or task is only to send the targeted traffic to the site(s) they are promoting and let them do their thing.

      Thanks so much for your feedback bro.

  • Jerry many thanks for sharing such incredibly detailed coverage of yout top 5 recommended affiliate prorams.

    Affiliate marketing is no doubt the easiest and fasted way for a newbie online marketer to get started online and this post will be invaluable research for these folks.

    I actively use Clickbank and JVZoo plus I am a partner with Dean Holland’s iPro business – your comments on all 3 were very fair and ueful although I must tell you that iPro are about to launch a whole series of new sales funnels.

    May I also add that if you are starting out as an affiliate marketer that you simply don’t drive traffic straight to a vendor’s sales page. If this method is used then you will never see those prospects again and all you have done is build the vendor’s mailing list.

    Instead create your own landing (squeeze) page with some sort of appropriate high value freebie and commence your list building right from the start. Be real and authentic in the emails you send to your list and don’t be afraid to say you’re just starting out as an affiliate marketer – build your relationships with your subscribers and then send them off to your chosen affiliate product offer on Clickbank, JVZoo etc.

    Thanks again for this great mresearch – I will definitely be sharing this with my list


    • Jerry Handy says:

      Peter you are absolutely correct about creating your own squeeze page to build your list but 10 times out of 10 the newbie is not ready for that just getting started.

      Now of course after they have developed more marketing education and knowledge it would be very wise for the to initiate that process for sure.

      As to the other funnels in iPro that is yet to come. As of right now this post reflects the current position and when the new funnels come I will update the post.

      Thanks so much for your feedback and I’m glad you liked the post.

  • Theresa says:

    Hey Jerry, Great blog post explaining different ways to work online. Great comments, also above, that add to your content. I really like the pro tips and I need to look into the app that does that cool typing while I am reading. I do affiliate marketing and list building and looking back, I wish I would have started with ebay and Amazon. 🙂 Reading your post reminded me of when I got started and the time involved in just learning about affiliate marketing.

    • Jerry Handy says:

      Thanks Theresa. I appreciate your comment. As to the app that does the cool typing I use Thrive Content Builder for that.

      You can find a link on the tools tab here on the blog. In full disclosure it is an affiliate link and by purchasing through that link you will be contributing to this site.

      thanks again for your feedback and good luck to you in your business.

  • Ben Solomon says:

    Hey Jerry,

    Great write up with easy steps to follow for those who are starting out.

    As always, you do have the gift of presenting information in a very simplified and easy to follow manner.

    Is the landing page skin that was there when I first came on to the page and disappeared as I scrolled down, part of Thrive as well?

    Take care.

    • Jerry Handy says:

      Thanks Ben. As to the welcome mat that is presented when you land on the site, yes it’s is a part of the thrive suite called thrive leads. It too is on the “Tool” tab above. Also it is an affiliate link and you will bless the site if you choose to purchase.

      Thanks again for the feedback.

  • Neil says:


    I think this is a well laid out post which will prove helpful to aspiring affiliates for the following reasons:

    -when starting out you don’t usually know what to try
    -there is a strong temptation to blindly go with the highest paying affiliate offer

    And now to the really important issue of Product Reviews. By reviewing different affiliate options, one easily gets a sense of the positive and negative aspects of each offer. This then makes the decision process much easier and so the aspiring affiliate marketer has an increased chance of success.

  • Hi Jerry
    Thanks for sharing these very good tips on affiliate marketing. You gave a good detail breakdown on these different affiliate programs. I promote Clickbank and Amazon products and I’am starting to make money with these affiliate programs. Keep up the good work mand you will go far by giving value with your content. I look forward to more of your tips to making money with affiliate maketing by signing up to your mailing list. Take care and have a blessed day my friend.

  • Nayab Khan says:

    A brilliant list, though i have not came across JVZoo yet. I expected shareasale instead to be on #5 before scrolling down the list to number 5.
    Since you have added this so i am gonna check it now.
    All in all a great article.

  • emmerson says:

    Hi Jerry thanks for sharing these awesome tips about affiliate marketing
    I love how you break it down and make it so easy to read and follow.
    You have everything well laid out, I can read your blog everyday.
    Thanks for mentioning JV Zoo they have some really good products that
    i can use to help monetize my email list.
    Thanks for providing such great value.

  • Thanks Jerry for this helpful post. I really enjoyed it and was not aware on JVZoo and
    iPro Partner Program.

    Pls keep this type of helpful guide for us. 🙂

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