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Who Is Your Target Market?


of the 100 Day Challenge

Janet was light years ahead of every one else and didn't even know it.  It was like being in another world, but she was ecstatic.

Her counterparts were struggling to gain any type of momentum in their business and she was loving every minute of it.

What advantage did she have over the competition?  She knew her market. 

Everything about them.  It was studied and researched and then studied some more.  She knew the importance of this process while her counterparts ignored it.

What was it that really took her to the next level?  I'll share more on that in a bit.


But first, how is it possible to achieve the levels of success that seems to have evaded so many others?  Was it because she was a brain-i-ac?  Was it just fate?

Who knows, but the end results couldn't be denied.  Sales were pouring in and there was one reason and one reason only and it can be summed up in three words.


Sounds crazy?  Not really, since this should be the primary ingredient when you formulate your sales process.

I mean, that's what every business owner is going after if they are to have any type of success. 

Customers, and lots of them.

But, you want the right kind and there is obviously a strategy to accomplishing that. 


Yes sir and yes mam. 

One that would be sure to generate the end result that you're looking for. 

You see so many marketers who start out in their business probably have that same goal in mind.  Customers, customers, customers.  But have yet to figure out their plan of action to accomplish it.

Typically, the route that most would take is as they've been told. 

1.  Grab a squeeze page.

2.  Send the traffic

3.  Promote to get paid.

4.  Follow up aggressively everyday until they buy or opt out.

​Sounds familiar?  I'm sure it does because that's the school of thought that is embraced by so many so called marketers.

Can you blame them?  Not really.  They are just doing what they've been taught.

Whether good, or bad.  At some point it yielded some type of results.  Good or bad.  Obviously some good or they wouldn't keep doing it.

Not Janet.  She understood something that was so critical right from the start.  Remember when I said earlier that she did one thing that took her business to the next level?

It was this:  She understood how to research her market.  

Not only research them, but to know how they tick.  What was it that they were having problems with and how she could help them solve it.

She also knew how to "get into their world".  Not just from a theoretical perspective, but from an experimental perspective.

Janet chose to "KNOW HER CUSTOMERS"​.

Experimental you say?  Yes.  How exactly would she do that? Simple as doing a number of case studies of those who she was targeting.  Not only that but how about interviewing them. 

Ever heard of interviews?  Oooooooo, now that's deep. 

Some people would never think of that.  As simple and profound as an interview is.  An opportunity to get to know them on a more intimate level.

How eye opening would it be for you to do something as trivial, but yet so impactful to your market research?  Yet that is what set Janet apart from her competition. 

The others were just too lazy.  They felt that it was more important to make a sale.  Regardless of how it would cost them dearly.  Especially on the back end.

Have you ever heard, "the fortune is in the follow up"?  Sure you have if you've been around this niche for any length of time. 

But is it?

Maybe.  Maybe not!  It all depends on the follow-up-er.  Is that a word?

In other words, what I'm saying is what is the method that the person following up using?  Is it a blast, blast, blast and see what sticks?  Or is it genuine, I'm really concerned about how I can help YOU?

Which would you pick?  Don't answer that.

Most marketers chase the all mighty dollar at any cost.  Their best interest lies in how great a ROI is to them.  Especially if they've done any type of paid ads.  Which, I really can't fault them for that.

All of us want to run a profitable business or else we won't be around long.

Makes sense....right?

Sure it does, but wouldn't you want your business to explode just by using the right approach? 

Talking about huge ROI.  It will be through the roof which is exactly what Janet was able to do.  Simply because she chose the "slower" route.

I know you're probably wondering by now just who is this Janet person?  Where in the world did she come from? 

Well, Janet is our fictional character that represents the smart marketer who chooses to do business the right way.

Not those who've chosen to embrace the microwave mentality marketing.  Ooooo, I like that.  That's hot off the press.  *Note to self*  Make a blog post about that one.

Ok....now back to our story at hand. 

That smart marketer can be you when you get serious about your business.  When you rid yourself of some of the learned marketing theories and philosophies you'll get there.

But you gotta be willing to let go.

Are you?  If you are, that's a great decision and welcome to the realm of successful business owners.

Letting go of the stuff that has literally killed or is killing your business.  Day by day.  It's getting worse and worse.  Just what you thought was the right path, just aint cutting it.

You remember the definition of insanity?  Sure you do.  It's doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

Look, if you do the same thing, you get the same result.  If you do something different, which I highly advocate, you'll get a different result.

I promise you that.

But that wasn't all that help Janet achieve superb results in her business.  It was something that most marketers have dropped the ball on and haven't scored the evasive touchdown yet.

  It's a strategy that has proven to get the best results yet and even have people literally begging to join your deal or even buy your products. It's proven to get you the kind of results that are definitely not typical by any stretch. 

But seeing this post has been a little long, I'll have to save that until later.  You cool with that? 

Well, it's gotta be like that for now and I'll be sure to let you in on this little secret soon.

Ok...I gotta run.

til next time,

"Jerry -the target market king-Handy"

P.S.-  Janet is no different than you when you make up your mind to do things right.  She told herself that success wasn't an option.  It's her right. 

So many of today's marketers are doing a few things right, but so many more wrong and it's knocking them out of the game.  They can't see that or choose to not hear the truth and continue to struggle.  Nowhere on this journey are you promised to succeed, but you can definitely increase your odds when you do this one thing that we'll open up to you soon.

But, if you can't wait for it, click the image below and let's take off together.  Go ahead, click the rocket!

Jerry Handy

Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

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Linda Schrier - March 8, 2015

Hi Jerry,

Great post and I want to learn how to run my business correctly.

I think Adrienne is right to get telephone numbers and what better way to get to know like and trust people.

I do want to have the right customers and I really need to research my market. So I need a strategy, one that will get me the right results.

Following up with customers by phone, I think is the best way. E-mail works but I think the phone will work better.

I will wait for your next post to see what your going to do that is different.

You and your Family have a Blessed Sunday!

Linda Schrier recently posted…Keeping An Open MindMy Profile

    Jerry Handy - March 9, 2015

    Thanks Linda. By now it should be posted. Really appreciate your feedback.


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