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Who’s First? The Chicken and Egg Theory


of the 100 Day Challenge

As you've learned in the previous post about Janet (our fictional character that represented the "smart marketer"), much can be said about her success.

Do you recall the main reason she was able to create massive success in her business?  Was it because she was a driven, motivated, inspired, or even an intellectual marketer?  Nah,  it wasn't any of that.

It was because she understood something that was so powerful that even a blind man could see it from a mile off.  It was the glue that made everything stick in the marketing space world. 


It was that she new her customers.  She dug into their world and figured them out one by one.  There was a specific pocket of people that she knew she had a solution for and she went after them.

But not before she had an end result in mind.  More on that in a bit.  She went over and beyond what any of the marketers in the internet space would do today.  Well, heck, not just in the internet marketing space, but any space for that matter.

Why is that?


Fear of Success?

Fear of negative feedback from the competition?

Something is there.  Just can't quite put our hands on it right now.  But it's there.

Why in the world wouold one allow that to happen beats me, but truth is it happens oh so often.

But we gotta put a stop to it and put a stop to it right now.

Ok back to Janet (our fictional character).  Remember when we said about her end result she had in mind? She specifically had already predetermined that she wanted this to happen and nothing was going to stop her.

There was a plan.  A plan to reach these people by any means necessary.  She knew that the other marketers (read:  her competition) was in no way going to do this. 

So that gave her an edge.  That put her at the top of the niche she was ready to take on.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.

If that was all it took to get ahead in the market you're going after, we all would be successful in it.  But it's not.

There is more to it.

What is you ask?

You remember yesterday when we were talking about that one thing that made the difference?

Here's the snippet from yesterday's post:

So many of today's marketers are doing a few things right, but so many more wrong and it's knocking them out of the game. They can't see that or choose to not hear the truth and continue to struggle. Nowhere on this journey are you promised to succeed, but you can definitely increase your odds when you do this one thing that we'll open up to you soon.

Jerry Handy

Well soon has arrived and this is the one thing that made the difference for Janet in connecting with her audience.  Not only connecting with them but they being willing to buy her stuff.

She did what Jay Abraham calls the Strategy of Preeminence.  What in the world is that you may be asking?

That was a question I had originally when I first heard it.  But the more I listened, the more I learned.

I'ts pretty cool and works like magic.  Well not quite like magic.  But it works.

It goes like this. 

You remember so many marketers online that talk about this "Attraction Marketing" stuff?  Yes, sure you do.  I myself have talked about it in times past.  It actually works. 

The Strategy of Preeminence is pretty close and similar to that .  It takes on the mindset of value.  Sharing value with your prospect or customer long before any type of monetary gain is rewarded to you.

But it tends to dig a little deeper than just sharing value. It's a connection that one must have with their "client" as he calls them.  Not customer, but client.  It will be the driving force for you going forward in all of your dealings.

Wanna learn more about this strategy?  Just click that red button below and check out the video.​

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of this technique.​

The objective is to become the customer or prospect's most trusted source for information, resources, guidance, protection, etc.

You will become their go to person because you chose to embrace this method of marketing.  In other words, you put them FIRST.  In everything.

Ever heard the conversation about what came first, the chicken or the egg?  If you haven't, it's a mystery that some people have thought about for centuries.  Yes, thousands and thousands of years.

Have you? 

Which one would yoy think come first?

It's debatable, but if you follow scripture, you know that the animals were created, but I've never heard of the egg being created that actually hatched the chicken. 

Well, I don't want to get into that, but the jist is that something came first.  If you look at it from a human perspective does it really even matter?  You eat both. Duh!

But from a marketers perspective, their mindset is "making money".  That's their primary goal of running a business.

Money, money, money.  Without it, you have no business.  Right?

Wrong!  That's the part that our girl Janet understood.  That's why she chose to embrace the Strategy of Preeminence unlike her marketing counterparts. 

While they were chasing money, she was providing the nurturing, guidance,leadership, value, protection, resources, etc. to her prospects.  She opted to give of herself before any money ever exchanged hands.

​Different philosophy, but a very impactful one. 

Essentially, it's one of the things that most mid to upper end restaurants do.  Not the all you can eat ones (read:  buffet)  but the more respectable ones. 

You enter the restaurant.  They sit you down at your table.  The waiter takes your order.  Both the drinks and food.  A few minutes later, the food arrives.  You consume it along with a possible desert.

Afterwards, you pay.

So what happened in that scenario? 

The restaurant owner was concerned about YOU FIRST.  It wasn't a matter of whether he would get paid, although they are looking to receive payment.  They were focused on you the CUSTOMER.

Once you're satisfied with your meal or food, then and only then should you be obligated to pay for it.

How many marketers would provide a quality meal (read:  educational material) for free without them wanting to get paid first.

It's a new breed that is arising in the online marketing or internet marketing space.  They are ones who are ready to take things to a whole new level.  A level to where they have:

1.  Understood their markets needs

2.  Mapped out a game plan to get them what they want and need

3.  Develop a strategy to deliver with precision as to not be guessing.

4.  Nurture, protect, guide, help, assist, etc.

It's all in the arsenal of the smart marketer.  One who's just not trying to make a buck online, but have a real business.

One that DELIVERS effectively and efficiently time and time again.

​Who is your target market and what is it that you have to offer?  Think about that for a second?  When you do, that right there will make the biggest impact for you going forward.

Not only that, but there is something else that Janet (our fictional character) does to ensure that once she's delivered on her goods right up front, has them on the back end buying just about any and everything she recommends.

It's the secret sauce to online marketing or for that matter will work in any business.  It's not widely known by the average run of the mill marketers who are just peddling affiliate products for a buck.

No, no, no.  If it was, you would see the success rate of marketers start to increase from that dreadful 97% that AREN'T making a dime online or should I say FAILING online. 

Let me get that right. Actually failing with no sign of success in sight.

They just don't know this and will probably never know it simply because what they're taught just doesn't cut it.

I would reveal it here, but this kind of stuff is reserved for those who have opted in to my list.  That's the place that gets all the good stuff because they choose to LEARN HOW TO RUN A REAL BUSINESS.

Are you ready to run a real business and stop the non-sense of the "blast and see what sticks" marketing world?

If that describes you, do yourself a favor and opt in here Leave your name and best email address. 

Speak soon,

Jerry-The Empathetic Marketer-Handy

P.S.-  It's widely known or should I say that most marketers will tell you that the fortune is in the follow up.  But is it really? 

If that was the case, haven't you followed up with prospects before?  Have you made any money doing it?  Yet?

There is a right way and a wrong way to do it, and what our dear friend Janet learned is how to do this.  That's what we share once you're a valued subscriber on our email list.


Jerry Handy

Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

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Richard - March 9, 2015

Hi Jerry,
I like how you bring us back to the needs of the customer, or rather the wants and the needs. Only after understanding those, there is a chance that we can start to see where our service can add value. Only after clearing that hurdle, will we know whether there is a reason to sell the (then still potential) client on the solution. Like Alex Jeffreys likes to say – you do them a disservice if you do not sell the solution to them.

I will sign up to your list, as well.
(btw difficult to submit something – get complaints about javascript and ended up on hostgator page…

Seeking the truth.

    Jerry Handy - March 9, 2015

    Thanks Richard, I appreciate the feedback. Yes, we should always consider the needs of our customers over our own. In the words of Jay Abraham, it’s not a bad thought to categorize them in our minds as clients. It just takes on a different meaning. I kinda like that way of thinking. It puts me in a better position to think how I can serve them better. It’s more of a longterm feeling than just a quick buck.

    Quick question…how long have you been a part of MWA?

    thanks for sharing….


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