The 5 Components of a Successful Online Business (Part 5) -

The 5 Components of a Successful Online Business (Part 5)

We are at the conclusion of our 5 part blog post.  It has been exciting sharing this information with you and hopefully it has been of extreme value to your online education.  It always gives me much pleasure when I know that something I've shared have been of assistance to you.

One thing I would always warn you of is that whenever you are learning something new in your business, be quick to apply it.

That's one of the biggest downfalls of most internet marketers that I've seen thus far.  So, with that being said, let's get into our fifth and final component.

We've now covered the following:

  • 1.  Free Opt In Offer of high value to give in exchange for prospects contact info.
  • 2.  High Value front end offer of low cost, but high value to offer immediately after opt in.
  • 3.  Multiple Upsells that add further value to your newly acquired customer.
  • 4.  Multiple Back End Sales that can further help your customer and create greater returns on your investment. 

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These are the very things that you need to have in place for your business to have any degree or level of success.  As I mentioned previously, it is not necessary to have all of them in place initially, but at least the "opt in page" with your lead magnet, and your high value "front end offer" of low cost.

It's designed just to generate the sale and you have a better chance of converting your traffic.

But how are you able to monetize those opt ins that don't buy initially.  Awesome question.  There are a number of ways to do it. 

You Need Multiple Marketing Channels

First and foremost, you have your autoresponder to follow up with them.  The purpose of your autoresponder is not so much to constantly bombard them with offer after offer, but to be able to build a relationship. 

Always remember, the people do business with those that they know, like and trust.  While you will get an opportunity to recommend your offer again, it's not your primary driving force.  ​

It' just one of your marketing channels that you will have  available to you, but it shouldn't be the only one.  Understand that not everyone respond to email simply because of the constant bombardment of other marketers sending frequent emails. 

In order for you to make any kind of headway, you need to stand out and have multiple approaches to reach them.

Secondly, you can utilize webinars for "one to many" marketing.  It's an opportunity for you to be able to present valueable content to your readership or your subscribers.  It also serves as a way to further build relationships with them.  As you give helpful marketing advice and training, you can also recommend products that you have found to be helpful in your business to them.

Therefore, you're able to monetize your efforts. 

While we're on the topic of webinars, some marketers have gone as far as tapping into "automated webinars".  They work just like real webinars, but they are just as the word implies, "automated". 

To accomplish this, all you need to do is grab certain softwares (just google "automated webinar software) and you'll find a few to choose from.  This can work successfully for you for the most part, but please take into consideration the downside. 

Eventually most prospects become savvy to them and know with certainty that they are on an automated webinar simply because they are not able to interact with the presenter.  If you have specific questions, they can go unanswered unless someone previously have already asked it and it's presented during the webinar.

The beautiful thing about them is that it allows you time freedom so that you can be productive in other areas.  This is not something I would recommend to a newbie marketer just getting started, because it's best for you to personally interact with your prospects because you are in the relationship stage.​

The last marketing channel that we will discuss today is phone follow up.  I saved it for last because most people are scared stiff when it comes to thinking about closing sales on the phone.

It's not used as much as the previous three simply because it requires a lot of time.   The previous methods such as emails and webinars can all be automated, but not this.  You literally have to pick up the phone (or skype) and communicate one on one  with them. 

For some people this is no problem, but it tends to be a huge roadblock for some and let me tell you why. You see, most of us have the image in our mind of getting on the phone with a prospect and hard selling them into our product, service or opportunity.  We never think about taking the time to "interview" the prospect and find out what it is that they are struggling with.

When you take this approach, you take on the role of an advsior moreso than a salesman.  This approach allows you to get into the head of your prospect and figure exactly what it is that they need or desire.

It's not a hard, pushy, salesman type approach that most people run away from.  Trust me, if you choose to go this route, your road to success in the "phone follow up" component will be short lived and bring about much frustration.

So in summary, we've discussed the multiple marketing methods that you can use in your business to get the best results.  Again, it's not something that you need to incorporate right up front, but it should be of careful consideration in order to get the maximum results.

The bottom line is that you need to stand out and be different.  You can't be like all of the other marketers out there.  Be UNIQUE.  When you've taken on that mindset, the sky is the limit.

These post have been designed to give you a brief overview of how you can put together a successful online business.  Each one of these components are critical to your business will be responsbile for the longterm viability and success of it.  It requires a lot of hard work, determination, as well as vision. 

It can be intimidating and overwhelming for some, but it doesn't have to be.  If you're thinking you don't have the time effort or energy to put a system like this together, I have some awesome news for you. 

By now , you realize that you want success online and you just want a simpler, faster, and much easier way to make it happen.​  If that's you, click here for details on how you can partner with a millionaire in which you are able to learn how to leverage this very set up that I've shared with you.

Get this system now and learn how you can get access to every one of the components that I've shared with you​ so that you can have a front end product, multiple upsells, back end products and multiple marketing channels at your disposal and ready to work for you.  You will feel much more confident about achieving online success much quicker without the hassle of constructing all of this yourself. 

Keep being awesome!


Jerry Handy

Jerry is a driven entrepreneur who's primary desire is to empower others to be successful in business. He realizes that true success is first development of mindset and personal development. Being a home business owner is an awesome goal and definitely possible when you take it on as a business and not a hobby.

  • Steven Lucas says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Great article here. Do you try to keep all of your input channels going at once, concentrate on one at a time per day (for instance) or work on ‘priority interrupt’ – whichever one needs seeing to at the time?

    Whichever way you do it, you must be a great organiser of your time. Should be another article there, methinks.

    Thank you for giving me some great ideas, and long may you continue to have them.



    • Steven,

      I focus on one marketing channel initially to get the ball rolling. Once I see results…significant results, I can then move on to another channel. The idea is to optimize you efforts in order to maximize your results. Too many people are all over the place trying to learn so many marketing strategies and are by default getting very dismal results. Don’t do that if you’re serious about your business. Learn one, master it and you will have massive success. Thanks for sharing.

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